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  1. A more than fair and open reply.........my view is that they still have my loyalty as they stepped up and paid until such time they lose this I will back them.
  2. Fine sentiments Kai, it was meant to be for you to walk out and see that chap sitting there, you gave him a precious gift in time to chat and listen to him
  3. Wonder if jinkies wife dived like that, if you notice the guy caught the ball slightly as the ball went up in the air and bounced at couple of times.
  4. I would love to, but in my minds eye mini is the lowest of the low after his embarrassing behaviour last year in particular.
  5. Carson you show a certain rst trait asking for quotes yet when posters ask you for documents or quotes you tend to move on and leave those posts behind you....................now not saying you're in rst but that's trait of theirs. Are you btw? it matters not a jot and do you use the same name on ff and gn
  6. mini never said anything about anything.....it's the wee love mini that pint to him reducing debt, ignoring the fact the bank plced someone on the board to run things, this was confirmed by Walter and we all know Walter. So why do these groups individuals say this about mini then......................the man is weak , not tendering resignation to highlight problems...........making an ass of himself with alleged bids for the Ltd Co lst year.
  7. The damage may have been down but not one person spoke out about and mini could have resigned and made known his concerns after all many will tell us he's a real Rangers man...............but must have just been a recent convert .
  8. They are under pressure to come up with stupid pranks regards our glorious 141 yer old nd going strong club, to keep the snowball that is gathering pace re more and more and more claims of sexual abuse by the keepers of the evil that is rome and to think these bastards would have been holding the silly confessional and giving them forgiveness with a penance and in a number of cases they went and sexually abused youngsters. No author or a Hollywood scriptwriter to come up with anything like this.............it's time they called a halt to this vicious regime. BTW has anyone herd mr kearney in t
  9. If he knew something was amiss after all he is a wizzz kid. He should have resigned and made public his reasons for doing so. That's the only option to take in a situation you describe, show a bit of spunk and make it known that you are unhappy with the way the Company is heading.
  10. Have just C&P and brought it in above this psot
  11. What really annoys me about you is that you seem to want to turn every thread into a Dingwall slagfest. Are you incapable of discussing anything without bringing him into the equation? As for me, I make no excuse for the fact that I want to see the money-men out and the Rangers men in. In fact, I would just love it if the whole old board (minus SDM) were to return tomorrow. That's an old chesnut, getting annoyed over something on a forum is a weakness,,,,,,,,,, so blin is a Rangers man how do you know this, murray is a Rangers man so why did he make a fool of himself last year? MacLelland is
  12. lol had better go back and C&P it bud a long winded reply about the guys who have suddenly resurfaced .
  13. The people on these shows do not work live as they out it.......they have notes that they work from and a running time of what's coming up.
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