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  1. Had a few good nights out with Mark and his wife at various gigs
  2. If you tell tge sleekit one that you have a Lowdown Tavern card then you will be looked after his position was for deceiving the support over RF , DLP blog foretold what would happen re devious Marshall in a blog and wow he nailed it as everything he mentioned did happen
  3. 100% spot on with this, home form was downfall last season ,need tae start winning away from home now and a true challenge will be no problem this season
  4. We should go with Sadiq and see if he's got what it takes, he must have something for Roma tae have signed him.
  5. Really good post as it shows the guy has belief in his ability
  6. It does indeed so far, we will know much better come tge winter break and where we sit in the league
  7. The youngsters have tae realise that the future is there tae claim. Train hard ,practice after training and show it on the pitch
  8. Is the Keeper Kelly on loan at Livi or was it a permanent move?
  9. I mentioned the other week the difference in his interviews compared to the crap we had to suffer from McCoist, the Loaf,Pedro and Murty breath of fresh air his interviews
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