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  1. right boys got ma granda a t-shirt for his bday on the 11th looking for opinions how do i upload photos from my phone, dont want to gee to much away as hes on the forum lol thanks
  2. never forget that game:D every tackle, bougies cheeky backheel and cheeky wink lol, and of course mo edu 2 yard screamer
  3. few guys let is down way tickets fur the game anybody got any spares going for the home or away end? A know am chancing it but uve got tae try. HELP!!!
  4. he got barged aff the baw, oan his arse fur 2 mins and this came aff their smallest midfeider lol absolutely useless
  5. the old dear at the end when walters lifting the cup classic
  6. aye n the worst aboot it is it wiz a pass from one of our players(cant mind who) tae him
  7. just a rumour a heard here. Bartley here on loan till end of season so we can have a look at him end off season couple a mill and bartley for shagger any thoughts?
  8. think we needed the away goal think we will struggle at home with this fuckin 5-4-1 :chopometer:
  9. actually met the guy a few times and says hes desperate for a game. meant to have a peach of a left foot which we've been sceaming for for years
  10. El-Hadji Diouf.... he may b a cunt but right now hes OUR cunt :diouf: :diouf: :diouf:
  11. spot on m8 never see any about shagger( just a example ) but tae b honest dnt think he should even consider goin oot in glasgow as there would b many a pished taig tryin tae kick his balls lol
  12. anybody else think boughies yellow was a shambles?? :bougherra:
  13. cant wait tae welcome him back on thurs will be disappointin tae see him in green n white hoops but lol do do do doo pedro mendes
  14. healy has that smile on his face that every rangers fan has when they are dreamin about scoring for the gers
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