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    Finally biting the bullet and going to sign up for MyGers however having loads of issues with the site and the 3 day response per email is a bit tedious so thought I'd chance it here... Don't know if I'm being stupid but basically I'm looking to join the season ticket waiting list for me and my son. He's only 18 months but being realistic it won't be offered any time soon so I'm trying to get ahead of the game. I've been advised I need an Adult AND a BornGers membership...fine. So I try and purchase both for 21/22 and I get the error message; Customer (my number) cannot
  2. FFS celtic fans only Brian. Spit it oot at least
  3. Strachan pished, becoming senile or just trying to be funny? Seems away with it.
  4. Nice to hear Bain saying playing us in the 4th round of the cup is their most important game of the season despite champions league qualifiers etc.
  5. Really hope Tav is back in time, not long to wait! Assuming we beat Cove of course
  6. Much older pal of mine that I used to work with lost his brother yesterday - grew up and lived his whole life in Ibrox and of course loved Rangers. Didn't know him personally nor had I ever met him so perhaps not my business to talk about but I had been following updates of his health - a few of the players actually sent a video message to him in recent weeks. Reached out to today and passed my condolences and was advised that shortly before he passed, family played Rangers songs for him in the hospice and tears streamed down his face. I've been lucky personally but it hit hard and makes
  7. Second batch up mate, all adult sizes available.
  8. Looks amazing but originally decided to pass and instead bought the wee man the toddler 3rd kit on sale and the new champions cap... 2 beers later and I've pre-ordered anyway
  9. Alfredo running round like a wee hyper bairn hahahah
  10. Sorry if posted already but skip to 1:15. They found out about the draw on the plane and seem pleased! 'Stevieee!'
  11. Never ate his dog Bobo hahahah wtf man
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