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  1. Doubt it will be, they didn't sell out the past 2 years so should be fine
  2. Anyone going to WASP on the 22nd in Edinburgh, 30th anniversary tour? Second night of the whole thing, Can't wait!
  3. My favourite band WASP playing Scotland for the third year in a row Edinburgh this time and its a 30 year anniversary so will be amazing, Blackie Lawless
  4. Duke Leblond edit: Aw shite this is the COD area of the site... I'm a fifa and battlefield guy I'll get my coat
  5. New Nightwish album is fucking unreal, one of the best tracks imo, give it a chance 1:07 onwards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XHGPI-U5bI
  6. Ocarina of Time is probably still one of my favourite games ever mate and nothing can compare to playing it back in the day when it was first out but I also own Skyward sword and would definitely recommend it. The motion controls can be a fucking nightmare sometimes, I seriously wanna smash the controller sometimes but generally it is similar to Ocarina and even has some wee cheeky tributes. Try to get it cheap if possible though mate cause if you don't have Motion Plus you might pay up to 50+ for the game and if you aren't that into it, that's alot of money to splash out.
  7. Quite a few good pics here from the last year http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/the-most-powerful-photos-of-2011?fb_ref=HSUA1%2F Edit: I see some have already been posted so chances are the link has been shared already
  8. Ended up losing but fuck it I was proud of this strike! http://www.ea.com/uk/football/videos/ugc/65533929
  9. Absolutely buzzing for this game can't sleep at all!
  10. Wayy another Dundee bear, welcome mate I'm in Arbroath most but through in Dundee to stay a few days of the week
  11. God damn... Fucking Seedorf
  12. Same here mate, this games not looking great and here I was thinking this was one of the few easy wins for me.
  13. Sake...as I post that, Bari fucking score
  14. This match has done nothing but put me close to sleeping again... least I've got FM running at the same time
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