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  1. Will be entertaining watching them try to persuade us to take a leaflet . Wonder how long their leader and well known Sinn Féin/IRA sympathiser Gail Richardson will be able to go without calling the Rangers Fans Orange Bastards ...... 30 seconds
  2. Does anyone know where it'll be leaving from tomorrow . Got a ticket on the west terrace through another lad on another forum but I'll swapping it my east terrace ticket that I got from Rangers for it on the bus up . PM me thanks in advance
  3. The bill was only brought in because Lurgan Bhigot got in one way shouting match and had to get to pulled away from McCoist and the SNP had to be seen to be doing something , its being very handy for the SNP as it helps deflect away from their incompetence in other matters . If Plod were that serious about eradicating pro terrorist chanting they wouldn't need to use the football bill or even the Jhoke McConnell laws , all they would to do is use the Terrorism Act 2006 .
  4. Was never going to happen though as the two supports are at the opposite ends of the spectrum culturally and politically
  5. I know from reading the various Rangers forums there is an appetite to abolish the football bill and end the assault on our songbook by FoCUS . After seeing the elected fan groups rather damming failure to take any action against the bill I think we could do with a group whose sole purpose is to campaign against the bill , police harassment and , in some cases brutality and the assault on our songbook . Any group such UB,TBO,RST,VB,RM etc for example could come under the umbrella . Now the name I would propose would be Smash The Bill or STB (Also the same initials as Simply The Best incidental
  6. If by liaising you mean The “Rangers Fans Working Group” are in bed with FoCUS then yes I know about them .
  7. On an issue that is of if anything equal importance to ridding the club of Spivs then its worrying more so that certain folk in that organisation are collaborating with FoCUS and doing their utmost to silence any criticism of them in the belief that they'll get preferential treatment for doing so .
  8. Ever since the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications ( Scotland) Act was introduced in 2012.it has been pilloried fot being vague , poorly though out and yet another law that demonises football fans . In the last year we have witnessed fans been made to line up in single file and state their details to police on camera at Annan train station in a police data gathering exercise masquerading as football intelligence operation that resulted in families and OAPs being treated as criminals for no reason . We have had countless fans on the receiving end of Section 60s and m
  9. Whilst they aren't scottish they play in the scottish league ,I wouldn't mind getting Berwick Rangers Away again
  10. booked a space on your bus via another forum and have been punted from that forum due to censorship and as a result i'm unable to send the member a PM asking for info re departure , cost etc . So could someone send me a PM with aforementioned details . Cheers .
  11. Anyone got any contact details for them ? Needing a bus down to Sheffield as mine isn't running
  12. Not everyone in BF1 is a member of TBO/UB . Also I have a feeling neilstonloyal is Lizzy's11 off FF
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