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  1. Well in that scenario you need to ask yourself why you are moving in to a shite tip in the first place!
  2. It's akin to asking a landlord for a % of the sale of a property you once rented from them - can't see it taking off.
  3. We need some height in the team, especially up front to offer something else going forward when the likes of Aberdeen and Kilmarnock are only interested in sitting in and picking up yellow cards. A player in the mould of Prso, Jelavic, Cousin etc.
  4. Absolutely mental he wants to highlight some words that were aimed towards him, getting missiles lobbed at you is a far bigger concern and it's pretty pathetic he wasn't willing to stand up for one of his players then.
  5. We are crossing the ball in constantly when it’s probably the weakness of all our strikers, we need a target man as a plan b, that being said I don’t know how you can be 6’4 and be that bad in the air.
  6. Mine was an old card so I had to contact them to sort it, they said they were taking the payments over two days.
  7. Would hope we wouldn't do this, more likely to command a higher fee from players performing well down in England. If we decide that Docherty is surplus to requirements we will probably get a decent fee for him from an English club, way more than we would get from loaning him back to Hamilton etc.
  8. That his dad has cancer, unsure if there as ever been confirmation. Hope for him that it’s not that.
  9. True, best of a bad bunch I guess. Trust Goldson far more than the rest though.
  10. Don't really rate Katic, think he gets dragged out of position far to easy and he isn't exactly great on the ball either. What last night showed was Goldson's value to the team as the other 3 options have all got a howler in them.
  11. I think we've spoken about these plastic pitches so much now it has become a mental barrier for the players. A quarter of our away games will be played on them so we need to start finding away to win on them.
  12. Was the difference in winning the league the year he joined, something hopefully Defoe can emulate.
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