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  1. I blame the schools you know 不不不不不不不不
  2. Most of the guys I know who followed them absolutely hate the scum, but it seems they have been infiltrated by the tarrier scum like a few other clubs. There used to be a few guys from Dunfermline sat behind me when I had my season ticket in the Copland rear ,they talked quite highly of them. But it now looks like times have totally changed mate.
  3. Dont know what happened to Dunfermline they use to be a right friendly club when. Leishman and Calderwood were there, theyve turned into a right fenian mess now.
  4. Think he has improved mate but imagine you as a young centre half having to play alongside Goldson. If on the other hand he had someone in the mould of Butcher Gough Or Greig Im sure you would see a totally different more confident young defender.
  5. Thanks a lot mate I realised that a wee bit later . Done the cccs scheme and my Gers too.
  6. Goldson and Tavernier are always a disaster waiting to happen yet Katic makes an error and hes thrown under the bus.
  7. Thanks to all who gave me info. I managed to get it sorted. it was my error. 云
  8. Hi can anyone put me in touch with the slo. Ive just received an email from Rangers telling me Ive purchased my season ticket in one payment. I had chosen to pay by monthly instalments starting on the 29/5, I tried phoning but just get all lines are closed. Ive sent an email to the webmail address but am concerned that this will take the usual weeks to reply. thanks in advance
  9. Is that Malcolm Wilson still involved with them.
  10. Think we can expect the usual placements to come out swinging against Stranraer tomoz. Stay strong Stranraer an I hope we are with them as they have been with us.
  11. The SFA would be the next step but Im pretty sure they wont go against the Spfl. so uefa would be the next step mate
  12. As the SFA have had a hand involved in the past few weeks with mulraney spouting. The next step would be uefa. An if that fails CAS.
  13. UEFA I think is the next port of call then CAS. If not successful there.
  14. Well thats the confirmation as far as Im concerned lawell making sure pressure is applied using his scummy fenian lapdog Petrie. SFA now assisting digging the hole deeper and deeper. We have them running totally scared. lawell Petrie Doncaster all linked all totally bricking it as to what we have. When you are ready Rangers lets go clean house.
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