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  1. I blame the schools you know 不不不不不不不不
  2. Looks like that mess Sheridan
  3. Have you seen the nick of that prick Walker on Sky sports. He looks to be in total shock.Unwashed unshaven a real tinky bassa. He looks as if something or someone has crawled over the top of him.
  4. That Forrest runs like hes got a dildo up his ass 不不不
  5. The big move is on to claim the points. A club without shame.
  6. Walker is a fucking rat bastard. I would never tire from punching his arrogant smug puss.
  7. Anyone who would take a job at that rancid club can be described as simply, without conscience !
  8. I'm not fully up with what the image right thing means, but am aware the beasts from the east having used them extensively. Does anyone know or heard of an inquiry into image rights in the U.K.
  9. Come on guys get this on your Facebook pages get your friends to copy and paste it. Let's get the whole country reading it and taking action.
  10. Just I don't want to do anything illegal an also cause a shite storm for anyone. Thanks for the comments.
  11. Am I allowed to copy and paste this to my Facebook page ?
  12. Daly was almost choking on his words when he was talking about that bheast club. You could see the hurt in his face.
  13. Can't argue with that. If our defence was sorted to cut out the mistakes, we would have a reasonable unit to be going on with.
  14. And sign a very strong centre half to help Hill
  15. De Boer on Sky news saying he wouldn't move now but wouldn't rule out a summer move.
  16. He took off our two best players he has lost the plot.
  17. Tinks & Killie. That's makes 3 away for the season. Defo something not right.
  18. Just to block the phone number mate then put it back up. Any timmy arseholes looking will just batter the number with abuse.
  19. Take this down and blank out the phone number please
  20. Rather than banning them completely from our ground, I like the idea of no banners or flags at all. ?
  21. Until we get rid of the old men in midfield. Install holt in there and get back to the high tempo passing game that featured so strongly last season we are going to struggle big time As for the defence senderos and hill are past it You must remember we battered them at Hamden last season with our high tempo game and as long as we get back to that we will be fine.
  22. RAFREG


    Tickets sold thanks all who answered
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