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  1. We need a proper club Captain. All succesful Rangers sides have had a total ruthless club Captain who stood for no shit.
  2. I don’t know what hold the jap has on them buts it’s time someone stood up to him.
  3. Yip a fantastic appointment he turned out to be. Just another name on a door in the corridor to that jap C... office.
  4. I would certainly agree it needs equal approach. But when you have clowns like English, Spears,Stewart,Sutton, BBC et al. Spouting there one sided shite all day and every day, and nobody from the club willing to take them on head on ( and I don’t mean the odd statement from the board)we will continue to be the whipping boys for the names above.
  5. There is one thing for sure we are gonna get it tight at shitoddrie. They will be allowed to boot us up and down the park with impunity.
  6. FFS. I fucking despair of some of our so called fans.
  7. I agree that u need to rest some players but to rest both your main midfielders at the same time I think is a mistake. Surely it would have been a bit more cohesive to have rested either Jack or Arfield,to at least have kept a bit more consistency in the midfield. Kamara looked ok in bits but needed a bit more help. Also once again our cross balls were woeful.
  8. Well done Rangers marvellous achievement. Make sure no no credit is taken or given to the SFA or spfl.
  9. Just look at the videos and photos he is looking straight at it. So he’s either been ordered to say he didn’t see it. Or he’s a lying bastard.
  10. No point fans shouting and arguing about this. We are reffed to a different standard than other clubs. So It is about time Rangers fans lobbied the board to grow a set and get the solicitors involved.
  11. It’s sll fine having the fans send complaints to the BBC. But this has to come from the manager upwards using our solicitors to carry the complaint to the SFA and if the response and action is not to our liking. I.E level playing field. We need to take it to Court of arbitration sport. And make the English press know the full story as to why this is happening. But I won’t hold my breath King and co still follow the dignified silence mode.
  12. With the injuries the nappy rippers have allied along with the three players that should have been sited this week they should have had near a full team out,and that was never going to be allowed to happen.
  13. All I want to know is. What is our club going to do about the total pap that has been thrown at our club once again by other clubs and press. Or is it just gonna be the usual sit on our hands and say nothing. If so as fans we really should be chasing club 1872 to be more proactive.
  14. The difference is it was a completely deliberate act by Ferguson.
  15. I’ll await the Ferguson ban now for his challenge later on Macgregor.
  16. Morelos is our playe. Tavernier should not have handed the ball to Defoe if he didn’t take the pen the ball should have been handed to Morelos. Gerrard called Morelos over after Defoe took the pen and told Morelos he had it covered and would deal with it. Tavernier is the team Captain and should show some responsibility on the park so as not to cause division in the dressing room. As Gerrard said after the game Defoe is third in line to take pens after Alfredo. As Tav should have known.
  17. Just have mate fucking shite from ticket office again. Have had 2 away all season and didn’t get any up to the split. I’m totally pissed off.
  18. If all the other teams take note of how to get in about the scum,No 55 will be there for the taking.
  19. The way he goes on and on anyone would think a certain club is paying him to do this Just saying like
  20. No missed payments mate In my eyes Just a ticket office who have there pals to look after first and foremost.
  21. No point mate I have been a member of the cccs since it’s inception but apart from semi finals and finals it makes no difference,they just fob you off, as I’ve said on other threads I try to travel to all away games I can in the hope of picking up a ticket, only to see the same faces at all the games with tickets. The ticket office defo have favourite people to supply tickets too. During our journey through the leagues i didn’t struggle at all for official tickets. But once we got to the championship the usual faces started appearing again with handfuls of tickets, then it was ba
  22. Got one. My first away ticket from the club. !!!
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