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  1. Ally changed the team so he could get his favorite players back in,those changes were made the night we played Liverpool, since then i struggle to think of a game where we haven`t been under pressure, unless we get back to playing the ball on the grass and not this continual punt up the park i`m afraid we`ll keep dropping points. Oh and if anybody on here thinks Whittaker is a competent defender or even Footballer you can change my name to Pele.
  2. Hey Murderer cough cough cough now ya bassa. The bairn will get a right seeing to tonight.......
  3. The thing i would like Ally to do is to look at the Motherwell Rangers game at Fir Park earlier this season and that should tell him a lot about the players we have and who should be playing.
  4. Quote i`m happy here at Rangers and i`m committed to my five year contract you just never know.I`ve experienced it before at Fulham i signed a four year deal then left the club after six months so you can never say for sure whats going to happen
  5. Manesh and Claridge ,no shite just discuss the points and get on with it.
  6. Sir David of Weir i went mental when i heard we`d signed him but boy o boy did he prove me wrong i bow to his greatness.
  7. So was Neil McCann and look wot he did for us, it should make no difference wot he is or isn`t the boy has talent and a snip at 500k go for it Gers and Driver too.
  8. Well i managed to get a couple of tickets for the aberdeen game thanks to my near neighbour cheers buddy.
  9. That was Fecking superb. i hope when the guy goes back on,he is armed for every little misdemenour that nuremberg says went against the Mhanks he has five that have gone against other teams. Typical Taigs deflect and deny always cheated never defeated.
  10. I take it then that our yearly account should be due out this month then
  11. Yip ! don`t understand why they bothered sending.
  12. I received a mail from the Ticket office Yesterday at 10.25 asking if i wanted an Abaadeen Ticket as there was a limited amount up for sale i replied i would tke 1 or 2 by 10.28 ,got a reply back today saying they were sold out,( must have sold them really qick. so if anyone has 1 or 2 up for grabs give me a shout i`ll be glad to take them off your hands. i`ll join the Q naturally. cheers
  13. Our wonderful ticket office Mailed me yesterday at 10.25 offering me a ticket for Abaadeen i replied by 10.28 saying i would take 1 or 2 if possible. Got a Mail today saying they were sold out. Wot they had to sell must have went really quickly. So if anyone gets there hands on 1 or more please give me a shout, cheers
  14. Mental Phill is hurting. COUGH COUGH COUGH. ha ha ha . THIRD YA BASS. GIRFUY.
  15. I feel Their pain. NOT !!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA LEMMON MUST STAY !!! LEMMON MUST STAY !!!!!! Want that Bastard to suffer humiliation all season long
  16. These Fucking M.O.P.E.S. started all this and now its starting to bite them they cannot take it. we want nothing to do with that scum.We are quite capable of fighting our own campaign against this sensationalist Government.
  17. Remember he was joining a younger fitter squad. fat scrote deserves all the shit that comes to him.
  18. Walker and that Twat Martin or macguire whatever his fucking name is could not wait to get the knife into Naisy Ban the Bastards from Ibrox bunch of sad Mhanks who are not unbiased in anything they do and Handwringers try sticking up for your team and stop trying to stir up shit.
  19. Sorry but am i on a Rangers message board . this is becoming ridiculas.
  20. Yep horror show last night didn`t start playing till we went a Goal down . but hey just calm down for goodness sake,if this is what it takes to wake us up then i for one will gladly take it. WATP
  21. Just been given 2 adult and 1 junior ticket to try and sell don`t know why they made them different they are the same price £18 each.
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