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  1. Must have been so awkward for Flo Rida, the crowd couldn't give a shit
  2. I used to think that up until I started watching again when Batista returned. It's so much better thanks to Triple H imo, and has shown alot of signs of what it used to be like.
  3. Please don't say they've changed The Wyatt family's theme?
  4. Randy Orton is amazing and the RKO is my favourite finisher.
  5. I'm going away on Monday for a week so can't really do that Cheers Lakona
  6. Whens the network gonna be released in the UK? Really wanting to watch MITB but can't be arsed with a dodgy stream and paying £17 (?) for it is a bit steep imo.
  7. Got my mates party tonight then town after it, gonna consume so much alcohol tonight and tomorrow morning
  8. Rollins wins the contract, Reigns wins he title, then Rollins cashes in straight after Reigns wins? Although I cannot see them doing that to Reigns at all. Even the biggest Bryan fan must admit this is so much better than a stretcher match v Kane.
  9. So am I right in thinking at MITB, theres gonna be two ladder matches, one for the title and one for the contract ?
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