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  1. 1 minute ago, sausagetrunks said:

    there is a reason most these players are cheap and on free contracts

    Cheap? Not compared to the transfers and wages other teams in our league are paying bar one. 

    A free transfer doesn't automatically mean a player is rubbish. Given what we've spent this season I didn't expect us to realistically be challenging Celtic but we should have a lot more points on the board than we do. The budgets of teams like Hamilton, Ross County, Kilmarnock etc don't even come close to ours.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, K.A.I said:

    Honestly he's utter shite.

    He's not the only one, but he seems to be the one everyone shouts from the roof tops to play based on fuck-all.

    I'm not picking on him but he was pish at St Johnstone too, everyone seen him play well against Danny Wilson and Rob Kiernan (two of our worst ever defenders in recent years) and thought he was Van Basten or something. 

    Also it does not really matter what others play in that forward 3. Different day same shit - they're all awful - Dodoo, Waghorn, McKay, O'Halloran, Garner.

    Our tempo was good and the effort was there but there's no quality there against the leagues bottom side.

    Holt and Halliday again in our engine room. Fucking hell. 

    Should have even lost it at the end there too. Sloppy, spineless bastards the lot of them.

    We have the wrong people in charge of our club at every level - on and off the park - Footballing side, coaching side, PR side, boardroom level, scouting, youths you name it. 

    He wasn't pish at St. Johnstone. He was their best player, I work with a St. Johnstone fan and he used to talk about how good he was all the time. 

  3. We have Kilmarnock at home Saturday and Ross county away the week after. These are games we should be winning and due to the amount of points we've dropped already we need to be winning. 


    After that its an international break, if we fall any further behind Aberdeen/Hearts I hope the board have a meeting with Warburton and ask him if he really thinks he can take us any further or if the job is too big for him. 

  4. So annoying, you can almost predict how our games will go now. We've not had one game where we've looked dominate and clinical from start to finish and we've played every team in the league bar Hearts. 


    Kilmarnock at home on Saturday will be the same. It will be another 1-1, possibly a 2-1 win if we're lucky. 


    Winning the league is not happening this season but we can't afford to finish any lower than 3rd and right now I wouldn't be surprised to see us 4th or 5th. 


    Why has winning became so hard for us since March/April last season!? 

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  5. Just now, ritchieshearercaldow said:

    I like your optomisim :D

    But don't  you think the Hertz or sheep would have at least put some pressure on their defence ?


    No. Aberdeen and Hearts will probably give them a hard game at their own stadiums but at Parkhead and Hampden I think Celtic would hammer them.

    They have beat Aberdeen 4-1 at home already and I know we lost 5-1 in September but having Senderos sent off with so long to play at 3-1 didn't help us out one bit. 

    December will tell us a lot with Aberdeen, Hearts and the tims all playing us at home.

  6. 1 minute ago, Gary Wilmot's Wedding Brek said:

    I'm sure he does, yet I could see the obvious failings of his side since day one. I could see when we played Hibs in our first game last year that if he didn't sort that fucking defence out (Kiernan in particular) over the summer, then he's going to be a monumental failure.


    Doesn't matter how much he knows, if his knowledge doesn't win us fucking winning us games/titles/cups, then he will be rightly fucked off out the door. 

    It's October, we've had a poor start but I've seen an improvement in our defensive play since August. It's up front we seem to be struggling. 

    We have from now until the 31st of December to try and get some momentum behind us and move up the table. I have every faith in Warburton that he will do that. 

    The Hogmanay game and our league position by then will be a big indicator as to where we're at imo as I think we're still getting used to the jump up from playing championship sides to premiership ones. 

    Hopefully we are at least in second place by then, the Barton issue is resolved and the board release some money for transfers to ensure we have European football to look forward to for next season. If I was Warburton I'd be trying to steal that Maddison boy that's on loan at Aberdeen from Norwich in January. Strengthen us and weaken them. 

  7. Now that that game is over it's back to league business and tbh that takes priority for me.

    We need to start picking up 3 points on a consistant basis and move up that table.


    My team against St. Johnstone would be:


    Tav Wilson(if fit, Kiernan if not) Hill Hodson 

    Holt Halliday Windass 

    Waghorn Miller Forrester 

  8. 4 minutes ago, Gary Wilmot's Wedding Brek said:

    This is absolute bullshit. Stick Smith in as manager, and Kiernan aside, he'd have us competitive again. I'm even starting to think Eck would do a job. There's a surprising amount of talent in our squad that is now being downplayed. Warburton is the weak link, not the players, and thankfully he'll be gone before we replace the whole squad. 

    Don't talk fucking nonsense. 


    Warburton knows more about the game than you. 

  9. 31 minutes ago, ritchieshearercaldow said:

    We'll be in a fight for 4th place, no doubt, Hertz or the Sheep would have given them a better game.

    Nah, Celtic are a better team than us at this point but we are more than a match for anyone else in this league. 

    With us having home games versus Aberdeen, Hearts and Celtic to come before the winter break I expect us to close the gap for second place and kick on in the second half of the season. 

  10. 3 minutes ago, weeto said:

    The way some of the other posters have praised Gilks seems a bit over the top.

    Rangers fans are used to Goram, Klos, Woods and McGregor and not the likes of Gilks and Foderingham. Neither of the two of them are fit for our reserves normally.

    Wes is better at the age of 25 than McGregor was. 

  11. He wasn't good enough last time we were in the premier league. 


    People are so keen to criticise Tav usually but he's been far better than Wallace so far this season. Hodson looked good at left back against QotS last month, if Hodson is to start I would prefer him at left back although I doubt MW would drop our captain. 

  12. Just now, TheBluebells said:

    Himself and Hill justified their selection big time today.

    I don't think anyone was shocked to see Hill start when the only other option was Senderos? 


    Wilson once he's fit again and Hill would be my first choice partnership. 

  13. He played well but he doesn't deserve to start over Wes in the league. 

    Wes has been great this season so far and has saved us a good few points already this season. 


    Gilks played because he gets the cup games, that is all. 

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