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  1. I disagree I think he is good to add in to the team for last twenty minutes if the game is dead and needs some spark. I think we missed that in some games this year. But I do agree he would be no more that a squad player
  2. It was me who fucked up on the post that's why I edited
  3. Read that Celtic and Rangers are interested in him http://www.footballtransfertavern.com/2011/05/premiership/lennon-set-to-snatch-gifted-8m-rated-striker-from-under-mccoists-nose
  4. One more year I'm pretty sure because holloway said he won't be going if he dosen't get good money for him
  5. I'm pretty sure it's charlie
  6. hahaha well I'd say blackpool want at least 11 for adam so I doubt he'll be going then
  7. Aston Villa are set to offer rangers 12 Million for Mcgregor
  8. You hear it time and time again about any sports players regardless of football or not. the fact is they all earn good money and famous so chances are there up them selfs! just like John Fleck when he tried to get into a club say do you know who I am? Doesn't mean the go around raping women Your stupid if u think that. to Answer your Question if he did get convicted I wouldn't want him at the club and chances are if he did get convicted he wouldn't be playing football. I'd say the girl is after the compensation she is probaly going to get
  9. the reason reo cocker didn't sign for villa is because he was asking for 80k a week
  10. I've just read on a football rumours site that sir alex wants fabio and rafael to goto rangers on loan so they get good exp plus european football and that berbatov is coming to us on a season loan with man u helping pay for wages I don't no how much of this is true sounds like a load of shit, but just wanted to see if anyone has heard something simlar?
  11. and even Robbie fowler I don't know how many time I have to say, He signed for Perth Glory.
  12. To end this post Chelsea won't let him go Highly rated at chelsea if anything he wil be on loan at bolton or some team like that next year just to get more exp.
  13. I doubt that he is a class act and is only 18 why woudl he be unhappy about the lack of football. he will be chelsea captian one day even now when he plays he controls the midfield I'd say he'll play more next year
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