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  1. Do you think it will be possible to get a copy of this game from somewhere, i would love to let me dad see this game.
  2. Its exactly same it was 10 years ago, that all i remember Excluding Ibrox and Parkhead its one of the best playing surfaces ive ever seen in Scotland, the grounds keeping team there do a fantastic job.
  3. Greenock Morton - There my local team went when i was younger and i still go on the days Rangers are away from home or if i cant make it to ibrox.
  4. Do you reckon we will just out sing them from the streets outside the stadium?
  7. Craig has to go - or he has to b sacked, if hes sacked it will be the one thing i would actually congratulate the SFA on doing. Hes Driving the Fans Away Hes Drove one of the best Strikers we have Away He needs to go NOW
  8. Quick Question Lads Do you reckon we have shortened our own pitch in order to get used to playing on these tight pitches? Or am i imagining the pitch looking smaller?
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