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  1. We quite simply have the best fans in the world! I think you would struggle to see this anywhere else, being a poor student all the money I get needs to go towards rent and food, would be great if anyone is still offering tickets, I would appreciate it with all my heart.
  2. I can't afford a ticket Really want Ibrox to be buzzing and really get behind Ally and the team! WE ARE THE PEOPLE!!
  3. I have recently just moved to Glasgow and always got the supporters bus to Ibrox. However, I am getting the subway, what time should I go down for the sub? I will be leaving from Buchanan Street. Thanks Bears, Move the post if I have posted in the wrong place. PS - How much is the Subway?
  4. Hopefully a big crowd! Sitting in BF for the first time in about 10 years! Looking forward to it, hopefully see Mervan get 90 minutes!
  5. That is a good price! I wonder what the attendance will be considering it is on BBC?
  6. Yeah it is! I meant to see first weekend off mate! Think I'll chance my luck at saying I'm 17!
  7. Ah bugger! 20 quid, I could have 2 nights out with that! First Saturday off for a while, any chance of me just saying I'm 17 and getting away with it? I care for no one haha!
  8. I'm looking to go to the Utd game on Saturday and I know this sounds ridiculous, but I'm 18 and wondered the requirements to be seen as a concession? If it helps I'm a poor student hence why I'm trying to get cheaper tickets haha! Thanks!
  9. Cheers folks! I didn't expect there to be any left, didn't even think of phoning the ticket office! How much for an adult ticket? first weekend off, not been to a game this year!
  10. Is anyone selling tickets for the United game this Sunday? Thanks.
  11. Fantastic to see a goal coming from a free-kick, ours have been horrible this year, Jelavic is a hit or a miss, hope to see Aluko hitting them from now on!
  12. http://www.cricketprofile.com/spl/rangers-4-0-hibernian-28012012-3rd-goal-spl-video_d5b8d9e27.html http://www.cricketprofile.com/spl/rangers-4-0-hibernian-28012012-4th-goal-spl-video_b23546ad7.html
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