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  1. I have recently just moved to Glasgow and always got the supporters bus to Ibrox. However, I am getting the subway, what time should I go down for the sub? I will be leaving from Buchanan Street.

    Thanks Bears, Move the post if I have posted in the wrong place.

    PS - How much is the Subway? :craphead:

  2. Was pleasantly surprised at the prices for this game.

    £15 for me and free for my nephew.

    Had a feeling we may have been fleeced for a bit more. But well played to the club on this. (tu)

    That is a good price! I wonder what the attendance will be considering it is on BBC?

  3. I'm looking to go to the Utd game on Saturday and I know this sounds ridiculous, but I'm 18 and wondered the requirements to be seen as a concession? If it helps I'm a poor student hence why I'm trying to get cheaper tickets haha! Thanks!

  4. FFS are all Dundee utd players so open about what they earn? You do realise we never made any offer for Conway?

    We must have expressed our interest, even if we did not make a formal offered to Utd.

  5. They offering him 60 quid then? This is confusing but i think i will take your info.

    your name on here should be KPL"bocanegra"fishtank. That was an exclusive mate :sherlock:

    Haha! The figures I was told could be entirely wrong, but I know for sure that he really wants to join Rangers, I also heard that Conway was really wanting to join Rangers before he left for Cardiff.

    However, Rangers being Rangers we offered 6 grand and not 10 like Cardiff. Would have loved to have seen him wearing blue, could really put in a ball!

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