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  1. I have recently just moved to Glasgow and always got the supporters bus to Ibrox. However, I am getting the subway, what time should I go down for the sub? I will be leaving from Buchanan Street.

    Thanks Bears, Move the post if I have posted in the wrong place.

    PS - How much is the Subway? :craphead:

  2. Was pleasantly surprised at the prices for this game.

    £15 for me and free for my nephew.

    Had a feeling we may have been fleeced for a bit more. But well played to the club on this. (tu)

    That is a good price! I wonder what the attendance will be considering it is on BBC?

  3. I'm looking to go to the Utd game on Saturday and I know this sounds ridiculous, but I'm 18 and wondered the requirements to be seen as a concession? If it helps I'm a poor student hence why I'm trying to get cheaper tickets haha! Thanks!

  4. They offering him 60 quid then? This is confusing but i think i will take your info.

    your name on here should be KPL"bocanegra"fishtank. That was an exclusive mate :sherlock:

    Haha! The figures I was told could be entirely wrong, but I know for sure that he really wants to join Rangers, I also heard that Conway was really wanting to join Rangers before he left for Cardiff.

    However, Rangers being Rangers we offered 6 grand and not 10 like Cardiff. Would have loved to have seen him wearing blue, could really put in a ball!

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