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  1. Haha! The figures I was told could be entirely wrong, but I know for sure that he really wants to join Rangers, I also heard that Conway was really wanting to join Rangers before he left for Cardiff. However, Rangers being Rangers we offered 6 grand and not 10 like Cardiff. Would have loved to have seen him wearing blue, could really put in a ball!
  2. Yeah it is around the 5k mark, don't know exact figures! But this seems promising! The lad has talent and apparently since breaking his leg he has really bulked up, would love to see a little more creativity in our side!
  3. I know I don't post here often but I do keep up to date with the Bears Den. However, I felt this news is worth of a topic, my Dad knows Keith Watson's Dad (United Player) and he said earlier today that Coisty has spoke to him and we are offering about 5,000 pound less than WBA. He is a Ger and really wants to player for the Gers, he knows the risk of failing and damaging his career down in England as the lad is only young. Coisty has also said that if you are to join us you are more than certain to start and you will be playing in Europe and winning trophies, something that WBA cannot. From
  4. wise move from ally i think! if we were going to throw 2 million on this lad then surely we can find an alternative who is just as good as him!
  5. luigis mansion was pretty terrible! for the ps2 i remember bad boys,driver 3,simpsons skateboarding,king kong all being a load of bollocks! best game i remember playing was star wars rebel assault 2 for ps1! anyone remember that wee gem?
  6. dundee united will be up for it, no doubt about that! just think with it being walters last home game and the form we have been in of recent! learned our mistakes from the last time! cmon the gers! do it for uncle walter
  7. it's justice for the shite we have put up with this year! no way we are throwing it away! :jelavic:
  8. think the atmosphere will be terrific tomorrow! have no doubts in my mind, can see it being a comfortable 3-0 job. wouldn't change the team, even edu is putting in a shift Few drinks before the game will go down a treat, just wanted to how everyone else is feeling about tomorrow night?
  9. they are scum, the lot ae them! do anything to give us a bad name. It will be so sweet once we win this title!
  10. Mr Whyte is saying all the right things, such a relief! Just get this title tied up and prepare for next season! have the league wrapped up by April.
  11. sorry folks, my wording made it seem as if i was saying it was sectarian, i was just asking the question on why they see it as sectarian? sorry if i hurt anyones feelings haha!
  12. I know we have developed it as a regular song, and i know that we are being recognised as sectarian for it. The only thing confusing me is why are rangers putting it over the speakers at Ibrox? Ibrox was jumping with it and they even spoke highly about it on Sky. Where is the sectarian side to it all? to me it just seems like an old classic.
  13. someone with an engine like miller would be a treat! honestly feel that goodwillie would be the best choice!
  14. not managed to see the game but wondered if any kind fellow would post me a link to seeing 'them' getting pumped?
  15. confidence was always there my friend! justice has been served! after a season of the wee rat moaning we are on top!
  16. it will be difficult to score 3-4 every game, but if we play like how we did today then its definetely possible! For once it seemed like we had 11 men on the field due to the fact edu actually stepped up and played! it's theirs to lose! WATP
  17. love the wee fella! so much energy, him and davis link up so well! glad to see him fully fit
  18. tell me about it! definetely would be the sweetest of my time! just with all the stuff with lennon etc, just a right get it up ye to lennon! 3 more wins and one slip up from them and we are champions!
  19. After all the shit that Rangers have put up with this year from UEFA and FARE etc, i just get the feeling that we are going to win this league. After a fantastic performance from our boys today it just seems the perfect way to send off big walter! BELIEVE! we welcome the chase.
  20. Burley is a fucking terrible human being! it wasn't a penalty, gee it up ya tit.
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