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  1. Just wondering what your opinions are of the new boys that have came this season, with the likes of weiss, do you think we would be able to keep him on in regards to our current financial state? With healy also, do you think he could be used next year, i personally believe he could be used as a game changer, wee bit like nacho, again it all goes down to finance. Me personally would love to see diouf here next season, the lad has real skill, slow but has ability! we have lacked a good playmaker like him for a wee while.

    Just wanting to see if you think these lads could realisticly stay with us next year? ta.

  2. we can't keep playing 3 centre backs to support weir, it just seems bizzare! Smith needs to have more faith in the youngsters at Ibrox. We have all seen the talent within the likes of hutton and wylde, but yet smith still feels the need to play players that are not fit enough for the jersey. its beyond me, he can't blame it all on tiredness when there are laddies on the bench screaming out for a game!

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