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  1. Aye and nothing about Lego muncher's elbow on Barisic.
  2. I have always been adamant that Broon is poor. When up against a decent Rangers midfield he is pretty much anonymous. Just look at Davis' 2 spells at the club. Both we had good midfields and Broon had been found wanting. He had it too easy over us for years when he was lording it up with the racist ned.
  3. Still mind that cunt thinking he was the hard man grabbing Halliday when him and the lego muncher were squaring up.
  4. Seeing Ryan Porteous warming up was a reminder of how poor Scotland are.
  5. Liam McLeod I'm presuming. Never seen or heard it but it is usually him creaming his pants whilst commentating on the scum.
  6. All lives matter. Getting sick of this shite before the match.
  7. Are the sheep not playing the bheggars next weekend? Just fucking typical.
  8. Oh aye like you have never given an opinion before. Plenty would agree with me. Plenty wouldn't. You would think a manager never gets it wrong. This is the same manager that took a sub on when we were defending a corner kick vs Motherwell. Quite obviously an error. Staunch? Never realised we were judging usernames now?
  9. I am calm enough. I am here to give an opinion like you and I did. Condescending attitude with the "stick to FM mate."
  10. And the fact is true that Tav has cost us too many goals. Whether or not we have differing opinions on him being the right fit for the team.
  11. Okay then smart arse. If you think you are obviously better qualified for an opinion. Or has everyone got to bow down to your supreme knowledge?
  12. No doubt we need him to defend better on a more consistent basis though.
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