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  1. Just a pity that cunt Lustig is not at the scum anymore.
  2. The racist ned would definitely would be a virgin if he wasn't a pro. In saying that if he wasn't a pro he would no doubt be renting his arse for a daily fix.
  3. Aye giving it we don't listen to what pundits an ex players say. They quite clearly do the thick racist ned.
  4. Aye and nothing about Lego muncher's elbow on Barisic.
  5. Liam McLeod I'm presuming. Never seen or heard it but it is usually him creaming his pants whilst commentating on the scum.
  6. Christie at the diving again. Brown obstructing Main as the sheep were breaking. That cunt wouldn't have been held in such esteem by the rhats if he was reffed properly
  7. No Davis! Brown has never been at his level. Last spell at Rangers Davis dominated that lego munching twat.
  8. Ntcham did same to Arfield, to a lesser extent at Ibrox, and never even got a yellow.
  9. As much as I would love to say it was offside it clearly isn't.
  10. State of this cunt at Asda Cumbernauld on Saturday morning.
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