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  1. Better, they think he might want to return 😂
  2. Indeed. They quickly followed that up with an article based entirely around the fact that Jason Cummings watched the game yesterday. Ive given up trying to question them, they don’t reply.
  3. https://www.ibroxnoise.co.uk/2018/12/how-Rangers-stole-this-mans-soul.html?m=1
  4. Anyone bothered to read Ibrox Noise’ article on him today? Its fuckin embarrassing, which is nothing new from them to be honest, but this one takes the biscuit. One of the problems of social media in general; it gives these idiots a platform to be portrayed as the average Rangers fan.
  5. He’s not even a scout dont you know!
  6. Good point. But the wheels could come off tomorrow and we could finish 4th in the league yet some of those “how do i cancel my season ticket” and “he alone wont attract players” comments will still be as fuckin stupid and embarrassing.
  7. Played wel tonight, but I’d still have Katic in my team before him, the boys grown with every game and is something of an unsung hero. Our 3 at the back options now are very decent however.
  8. We’re not talkin about other legends though, other ex players being helmets doesnt make Ferguson any less of a cunt. Someone should ask him how many of our games he’s attended since 2012. Souness left his first managerial job to go to a team he spent most of his career at, of the biggest clubs in England, and paid the price in the eyes of many supporters. Barry Ferguson fucked off to Blackburn Rovers at the start of the season after publicly stating his desire to stay, but privately demanding to leave. He returned to a hero’s welcome, somehow, and by the end was so badly thought of he wasnt even a first pick. Stripped of two captains armbands in the space of a week. He was shamed out of the club. Rangers through and through tho. Edit: does he still have pubs with his ex-celtic player co-investors?
  9. Left us in the lurch one, shamed out of our club the second time. One of the best players we’ve had in 25 years? Easily name a dozen better. Souness might have left us, but he knew how to represent our club. Barry’s problem is he likes to talk like he’s a big Rangers man, but anyone whos been in his company will know otherwise. The guys a fuckin cretin. Walter Smith certainly agrees.
  10. You think Barry Ferguson behaved like a real Rangers man when he was with us?
  11. He’ll get a clap pre-match like many other players whove gone to other clubs, but this hero send off nonsense is embarrassing, even comin from Barry Ferguson it’s embarrassing. Millers lucky he ever got to wear the jersey again after playing for them, he should just be grateful he wont be getting booed.
  12. Auch fuck off, i knew this would happen. 4 games into the season and we lose 1-0 away from home to them and all of a sudden its Pedro all over again. Away n boil yer fuckin nut
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