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  1. It's just an apology man calm doon. Never done anyone any harm.
  2. I meant that I don't care if it is a 'PR disaster', as you put it, which I don't think it is anyway.
  3. You don't apologise to get favours, you do it because you mean it and it's the right thing to so. Those arseholes that ran us into the ground have not only damaged us, but in doing so have caused a crisis within the whole of Scottish football. Fair play to Malky for his statement. A bit of humility is never a bad thing.
  4. The FF threads are pretty embarrassing tbh. Don't see why the whole forum should be blamed though for their pettiness.
  5. Or park the bus and hope to get lucky but that really ruins the game.
  6. No. The tournament was good, the final even better. Only way I can see teams matching Spain/Barca is to really work work work on co-ordinated closing down of possession and breaking with great pace and precision. Either that or copy Spain and do it better but frankly I think that's impossible.
  7. Hard decision actually, probably Pirlo but half the Spain team are also in for a shout. I'd say Iniesta and Alba to complete the top three but the likes of Casillas and Busquets barely put a foot wrong the whole tournament as well.
  8. Interesting appointment, wouldn't like to guess how it'll work out.
  9. If he knuckles down he's got the potential to be one of the best strikers in the world. Not the finished article sure, but 'not that good', honestly
  10. Sorry mate, he needs to have played well every season, and to do that, must play well for all of the game, in every game. A man of the match performance in a world cup final, key contributions to vital goals, and a decade of 'fleeting' brilliance is just not enough. In fact it's lucky for him he even played well against that group of amateurs otherwise I would have barely noticed him throughout his paltry career.
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