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  1. I was thinking if they had been posted to the wrong supporter though, rather than being collected by the wrong supporter, they might print them again since really when he placed the order they must have posted them somewhere a couple of days later but now they're telling him he has to go to the ticket office
  2. Think he actually meant phone them in relation to your specific question (whether it's possible a shameless thief could bump your tickets and sneak into the ground) They'll almost definitely issue you with more paper tickets if they've already posted them since they can print them out there and then but if there's already people in your seats, just use your ID and get the stewards to remove them
  3. I think he means Fábio Coentrão has signed for the Rangers of Spain
  4. Hmm I can't think of any other club that could be deemed foreign. It's not as if we have one in our midst that is supported by people who, say, praise an aggressive paramilitary organisation that has killed British civilians, or who frequently wave flags of a foreign nation, as well as singing songs of that nations history. That would be insane. Surely such a club wouldn't be allowed to play in our countries league, if it existed.
  5. Yes. It's the Scottish football equivalent of the 'all the worlds leaders are really reptiles' theory
  6. "What I mean is, if Keith Jackson had written a scathing article about our fans and what we stand for, we wouldn't have heard a thing. No ban would have been imposed." That's the full quote, which isn't really the same as "attacks not relevant to Whyte himself". It's good Campbell was banned. I hope Spiers is next. I hadn't really remembered that incident when I wrote my first post, however, I still think what Campbell did was fairly trivial compared to some of the other nonsense that's been dished up to us. As I say, I'll be watching with interest.
  7. Just think he's got a bit to do before he can be called our defender
  8. What a flimsy example of the kind of attack I'm talking about. What Campbell said was so absurd it wasn't even worth commenting on. There's nothing controversial about the club defending that. I look forward to hearing the protests from the club the next time some crank is calling for another of our songs to be banned or claiming we're the main culprits of sectarianism, bigoted neanderthals etc etc
  9. Craig Whyte is first and foremost a businessman. It's his job to ensure that Rangers is run as a successful business. I don't believe any representative of such a large insitution, least of all its owner, has anything to gain from stepping outside of their politically correct shackles. By stamping down on Keith Jacksons lies, he'll ensure our negotiations go as smoothly as possible in the transfer window as well as helping his own position. He wouldn't gain much by being seen to side with an 'extreme minority' of our supporters though.
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