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  1. My latest VHS conversion to YouTube is this 0-0 game in the SPL from the 1998/99 treble winning season. I remember being down in Blackpool for a family holiday when this game was on so I didn't see it live. I recall going in to a pub with my Dad to ask someone what the score was/is. Both teams were guilty of missing excellent chances. Gabriel Amato and one from Rod Wallace stick out from what was a great game and spectacle for the Scottish game considering the score. If it wasn't for Lionel Charbonnier making a helluva save at the death from Tosh McKinlay we'd have lost the first Old Firm
  2. Sure was. I also found it interesting to see how many of Smith’s team started the game; Niemi, Moore, Amoruso, Bazza, Ian Ferguson, Jukebox all Watty’s guys.
  3. I have acquired this game in its entirety on DVD and have now uploaded it it YouTube. I couldn’t find the full game on YT, only a 9 minute highlight reel. I remember watching this game and thinking Wee Rod The Prod, as he was later to be known, was a great find and still a heck of a player. Ian Ferguson had a stinker and I wonder if he was more or less finished by this point. Jukebox went off early with an injury and was replaced with Amato. Niemi Porrini Amoruso Moore Numan Kanchelskis I. Ferguson B. Ferguson Van Bronckhorst Wallace
  4. I've created a Rangers telegram channel for those that use that messaging tool. It's free to join (obviously) and there will be updates and news posted there. https://t.me/GlasgowRangersUpdates I’ll hopefully see some of you guys there.
  5. There was a comment on here a few months back about a guy that had old Rangers games available for purchase on DVD (he had a LOT of games, not just Rangers). I can't seem to find it now and wonder if any knows of the guy, if he is still operating or if there is anyone else that would do this? I'm looking for games that aren't already up on YouTube or the likes.
  6. The link is above. I’ve uploaded them to Imgur
  7. I uploaded my VHS collection to Imgur this morning to share it with other bears. The collection is pretty modest but hopefully it brings back some good memories for bears on here https://imgur.com/gallery/UV9bn2U
  8. I’ve got a bunch up on YouTube mate. https://www.youtube.com/user/crmpicco
  9. Carrying on from my post earlier in the week about the Borussia Dortmund CL game at Ibrox in 1995, I have converted another VHS to DVD (and later YouTube). This one is the 1996 Scottish Cup Final against Hearts (AKA the "Laudrup Final") where we hammered them 5-1 with Jukebox Durie getting a hat-trick. Before anyone says "it's already on YouTube" - I know that, but the other footage was from Sky and my upload is from the BBC and includes the full programme right to the very end.
  10. Carrying on with my VHS to DVD conversions the next one I’ve uploaded to YouTube is the 1999 Tennent’s Scottish Cup Final between us and celtic. It rounded off a splendid treble and a clean sweep in Dick Advocaat’s first season in charge. The game finished 1-0 with a goal from wee Rod Wallace doing the job. I remember a bit of whinging about a potential penalty for celtic when a ball struck Amo’s arm but replays show it hit his chest. I don’t remember Amato in this game, also was this Ian Ferguson’s last game for us? I assume Bazza must have been out injured for Derek McInnes to feature.
  11. Another of the games I have recently had converted from VHS to DVD. This is full programme coverage from STV presented by Jim White with Maurice Johnston and Paul Elliot in the studio. celtic 1-3 Rangers league fixture played at Hampden Park because Parkhead was under construction. Laudrup was again excellent and big Hateley took his goal well. Laudrup must have covered a half marathon to finish his goal. Do Bears have many memories of this game? It’s probably one of the first Old Firm games I watched, in fact could very well be the first.
  12. Not a problem, mate. I've enjoyed the project of uploading and sharing the old videos. There have been some good memories amongst them.
  13. Yes. David Murray jacked the prices of the tickets up and priced a lot of bears out of going.
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