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  1. It was about getting us back up to the level required first and then the trophies will follow. That takes time. I can see us kicking on now and winning a few more.
  2. I can't see them both being in the same side but a bit of rotation maybe to allow Patterson to develop.
  3. DR say 18m others say 15m. Wouldn't be surprised if the 18m is a loada pish.
  4. Grans got a caravan up the back of Wemyss Bay and it's about 50 50 around the park
  5. This guy seems like a smart cool cunt. Looking forward to him coming here. His attitude is quality and I have no doubt he will be a good player for us.
  6. He is just an absolute class act. Love him.
  7. Fucking love him. World class.
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