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  1. Too much effort to take the piss mate
  2. Hagi is the type of player I can see getting better and develop a lot with us. I wouldn't sell unless it's something ridiculous. If we make the CL and with some good performances then his value will rise. I'd knock back 9m right now.
  3. This is the perfect time for him to go imo and he will with my best wishes. I like his honesty which is rare. If we get 20m it will be a phenomenal return.
  4. Get him signed up World class doesn't come easy but for me he is
  5. Beaton looks like the kind of cunt that abuses steroids and has a lisp the gimpy fucking wee dick prick
  6. When do we find out about the bans anyone know ?
  7. You should always be the cunt doing these mate at least there's an effort
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