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  1. He will have to leave the house for that to happen mate. Canny see it.
  2. You come across as immature more than anything tbh.
  3. Have you not got anything better to do mate See the outside world for a change.
  4. The majority of people I know who have had covid had been double vaccinated at the time. Are they saying you're allowed to go in stadiums and potentially spread it just because you have some sort of certificate? If it's about health a negative test should be enough to allow you in the stadium or any other venue.
  5. You try too hard mate. You only come across as gullible and angry. Relax.
  6. Thought he scored at least 3 tbh
  7. We look garbage right now. I know we've got more in us. We need to start fucking showing it.
  8. 2nd was always the realistic aim. Still got plenty chances to makes that happen.
  9. Won't be seen till next year potentially. Knee op. Huge blow.
  10. Suppose that confirms its him. Scumbag.
  11. Whoever it was is an utter scumbag. horrible. 19 year old arrested.
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