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  1. I know its early to judge but tbh in the right role and on the right wages I can see the 4 older players staying on for 1 more season. Mcgregor Davis Balogun have shown so far that they can still contribute well on the pitch and no doubt off it, and Defoe in some sort of player coaching role will be very beneficial to our strikers imo.
  2. The Phenomenon on Prime is a decent watch
  3. Our starting midfield has to be Kamara Davis and Arfield
  4. Keeping Defoe fresh for our domestic games is a good move imo. He is a good player to bring on in the last 20 / 30 mins if we are struggling.
  5. Know nothing of Bacuna. Any good?
  6. Them scoring was always going to come. Last minute winners is what they do.
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