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  1. oooft thats the kind of arse that would get me hard when im oot my nut on prop
  2. Never got out of first gear, and didn't need to. Easy win. We will up our game on Sunday.
  3. Got the home and 3rd top. Can see and feel a difference in quality. TBH I was pleased with my home top until I got the 3rd though.
  4. Been meaning to watch this for years. hope to get it watched soon.
  5. Itten Kent Hagi Roofe Kamara Arfield Bassey Helander Balogun Patterson Mclaughlin 4 nil Bring on Edmundson Defoe Jones for game time in the 2nd half
  6. Cunts definitely a bully victim just leave the poor cunt be. He's clearly suffering
  7. Always thought we had to be patient with him as i always felt like he will come good. And he has been outstanding. 1 of the only few players we just cannot afford to lose. He will be the difference. Excellent player.
  8. Disgusting Should have been a straight red Clancy is a cheating fucking prick
  9. Good to see Balogun back. We need to give them all game time. It's our strongest area imo
  10. Michael Stewart says where's the evidence
  11. Aye man cant wait. Tickets on sale next Friday. The Music headlining the NME stage at T in the Park 2003. Best live performance I've witnessed.
  12. Gazza Messi Radiohead Tupac Shakur Neil Young Unforgiven Jack Nicholson ...no sure on this one. Maybe Billy Connolly.
  13. Won't be long before Robertson puts out a statement saying the fans that are giving Tyldesley stick are not welcome.
  14. Watched Dead Man's Shoes for the first time Really enjoyed it
  15. I don't think we should invest a lot in another striker. There are other areas that need proper investment as you say. We certainly need another striker option though.
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