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  1. This. Haven’t been nervous for a league game since the final whistle went at Pittodrie. Being able to relax and just enjoy watching this team is great. They are a special side who are going to make history.
  2. This is a special Rangers side.
  3. Guys a bit mental and made plenty mistakes but I dread to think where we would be without him.
  4. I posted it after seeing the back page of the Daily Mail
  5. Gerrard just confirmed Tav is fine.
  6. He’ll be a doubt for Sunday as well
  7. Picked up a knock yesterday in training. Big doubt for tomorrow night
  8. Spiers has just been rehired by the Herald which is quite incredible
  9. I wonder whether RSC merchandise will fall under this. Hopefully not. Club are right to go after the fake gear etc though
  10. This x100000 If things start to go badly on the pitch next season it’s going to be a fucking car crash
  11. The club haven’t done anything wrong, the club have suspended the 5 individuals so have done everything correct. We’ve nothing to hide.
  12. We’re not doing anyones work for them. It’s our obligation to report it to the SFA (not SPFL).
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