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  1. The irony of a man who lorded it over some of the worst players to ever play for Rangers running to his best mate at the Record about some comments being made to him & asking the ref to book Morelos for laughing at him is quite something. I see Jackson failed to mention that when Brown was subbed last weekend he was doing the whole ‘show us your medals routine’ to our dugout and subs in the stand. Twat.
  2. The club approached GCC about an organised event so that it could all be managed but the council refused to enter into any dialogue about it.
  3. Haven’t heard anything on this either way. We’ve been linked with him for a while though
  4. Watching the game in the house with a couple of mates then either head to boozers locally or George Square, undecided for now
  5. It is. He’ll sign in the summer pending work permit approval
  6. https://www.therst.co.uk/news/rst-statement-on-sectarian-comments-from-snps-brendan-ohara/
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