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  1. Players break the rules continually & the rules are an inconsistent mess but it’s no surprise given who runs the SPFL.
  2. I’m not spinning anything. Bolingoli, the Aberdeen players, Jones & Edmundson were all dealt with on an individual basis because it was their own stupidity. St Mirren & Kilmarnock outbreaks were because correct protocols were not followed and things they could control were not followed out. St Mirren players were car sharing to games 🙈
  3. It’s only the Dundee Utd coaching staff that are self isolating. Their game this weekend and v us will go ahead. The celtic & aberdeen cases are completely different to this. Both St Mirren & Kilmarnock admitted to significant breaches of protocols within their stadium, training ground and travel to matches which led to multiple players self isolating & being unable to fulfill fixtures
  4. It’a a fair point and it’s why Club 1872 isn’t for everyone. And nobody can tell any individual how they should spend their own money. Of course, the flip side of the argument is that as an individual shareholder you’ll like own less than 0.0001% whereas you could be part of a smaller collective that owns 25%. You can also stand for the board of that company if you were so minded or have direct communication with that board. You’d never be able to get communication with the Rangers board.
  5. I think they will, yes but of course hopefully not. Being reliant on external investment also isn’t a sustainable strategy to be fair. Another point not spoken about, if C1872 manage to achieve 20k+ members (ambitious) who will all be paying a minimum of £10p/m that’s £2.5m each year. That capital would need to find a home...
  6. Yip, assuming they don’t sell anyone in January they will post a huge loss this year - £30m probably about right but is heavily impacted by Covid (£10-15m). Come the summer the following all need to be sold - Edouard, Ajer, Christie, Ntcham as their contracts expire in 2022 and no sign of signing another. That will devalue them, IMO but they’ll likely bring in somewhere between £60-70m gross (Edouard has a 40% sell on clause) which will make up for this seasons loss. you always want to minimise your operating loss, of course & I’m sure the club have revenue growth strategies in
  7. Well what’s your alternative? You just ignored my point about how to fill the gap.
  8. Taken £4.5m out in preference share dividends in that time as well.
  9. They extended their RCF to mitigate against any unforeseen Covid impacts, it remains unused & I’d be surprised if they need to use it. If I was in their shoes I’d have done the same thing. The advice given to all businesses in March was to extend/draw down any debt facilities they could. They opted not to sell somebody this year going ‘all in’ on the league but will recover this summer when numerous players leave. They’ve got a big squad restructure on their hands. If we reach a point where we need shareholders to cover shortfalls in the future, then we’ve got much bigger proble
  10. We’re in a fairly unique situation where we have investors putting in money at the moment to rebuild the club. Once normalised, shareholders should not be required to put a penny in. The last money put into Celtic was in 2001.
  11. It’s their model, and they do it very well. It will be, and has to be, our model as well. There is no feasible way to break-even as a club of our size with revenue streams the way they are donestically, unless you want to pay double for your ST. We sold out every game last season, including 9 European games & our ticketing income was £32m. Our wage bill alone is £34m, we have other cash operating expenses of £22m. That’s before we sign a single player. How do you propose we fill that gap? We either do it through CL football or effective player trading, or we half th
  12. Their accounts are anything but brutal.
  13. It’s the last bit of our recovery to go from a financial perspective. Of course, winning silver things the priority
  14. Not sure. Will wait and see what C1872 have to say on it. But certainly reads that way
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