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  1. He’s doing 10 day quarantine in a hotel so be a while before we see him.
  2. Still settling in but big season for him. I’ve absolutely no doubts if he plays regularly he bang in plenty goals. Not convinced he has the all round game of an Alfie but not many do.
  3. Were a few flags out today although stewards weren’t allowing anybody to hang them from the top tier covering the new advertising boards
  4. And his agent continually planting stories in the press.
  5. I’m fairly sure he needs to quarantine for 10 days on his return from Colombia, where he still is. If so, he’ll be out of Livingston game and almost certainly first leg v Malmo/Helsinki
  6. Pass. I never ticked the box for friendlies but got a Madrid ticket 🤷‍♂️
  7. Not sure if this has been answered as haven’t read through the full thread but government/councils want stadiums on a gradual build up to full capacity from 9th August hence the staged increases.
  8. Heavy Sports Direct feel to that.
  9. I got a ticket as did my brother who is part of my friends/family group so I’m hoping the system is good enough to recognise and put us in seats together but not holding ny breath
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