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  1. As I have said repeatedly, we are heading for disaster under the absolute shambles that is the current board. We are an absolute embarrassment
  2. Our squad management is becoming a bit of a mess in all honesty. The squad is both far too big in terms of numbers and almost all of our main sellable assets will go into the summer with just 12 months left on their deal & a year older which will have a significant impact on value: Kamara, Kent, Morelos, Aribo & Helander all out of contract in 2023. Only Kamara is likely to sign a new deal so the rest either need to be sold next summer at likely a reduced value (alongside McGregor, Davis, Goldson & possibly Arfield leaving) or they’ll leave for nothing. It’s incredible that we didn’t sell at least 1 of them to start the recycle rather than huge upheaval next summer. The ramifications of not winning the league this season are horrendous.
  3. He has/had some pretty weird photos on his FB from time in Thailand
  4. Would have to be ridiculously bad for the cops to get involved tbf. The Record story is just McGivern reporting them to the police then reporting that the police are investigating. They’ll do fuck all
  5. So Rangers’ name continues to dragged through the mud, Cammy & Hoggy presumably lose their jobs & a few journos are uncomfortable? Not sure it’s much of a win tbh
  6. A lot of words but all they’ve really done is post screenshots of journalist and politicians hypocrisy that only Rangers fans on social media will see &/or care about and the media will ignore as they have no interest in covering it for much more structural and strategic reasons that wont be addressed. Good luck to him, hope he takes them all down but I remain hugely sceptical that it’ll be anything other than noise for a few weeks
  7. He’s absolutely correct. They’ll have been sitting on this for ages and chosen now as the time to do maximum damage. It’s a fight between Rangers & Reach. And as I said yesterday, it’s going to get a lot worse if our club don’t sort themselves out.
  8. DG will be clean. They wont find anything on him
  9. There was no interview process, he’s never worked in comms/PR before and was appointed because his father in law lives beside Dougie Park in Spain. His background is irrelevant tbh, it’s his competency that matters. You’re right about the press being on the attack which makes having the right people in those positions essential
  10. Aye. H&H will likely dO well out of it but it’s difficult to see how they can remain club partners. Feel for them, but it’s their mate in the PR role that is the main problem and until that is addressed it is going to get a lot worse.
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