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  1. Imo he's playing like a striker who's disappointed he's still a Rangers player.
  2. We're going to focus on racism. Let's get the token black guy on to give his poor me story.
  3. I give it one more case and they'll push for postponement.
  4. Yeah he's a really good player. Didn't work out for him at Milan but he was really good for Genoa.
  5. Every charity has running costs mate. I'm not doing it for neuer media. I'm doing it for the single mum who can't afford to buy her kids Christmas presents. I'm doing for the guy across the road who's wife died and didn't have life insurance. Had to quit his job to raise three kids and now lives on handouts. If I raise £500 and £400 of that gets put to good use then I'm happy I've helped. Don't shit on someone for trying to make a difference.
  6. Hi folks, I've stuck this in off topic as its not Rangers related so I'm no sure if it would be allowed in bears den. I'm taking part in a charity event in order to raise some much needed fund for the charity cash for kids. I'm running 5km every day in October. I know everyone's trying to get back on their feet after lockdown so I don't expect much. If you can spare a couple of quid it would massively help the charity. I've posted a link to donate and also my first two runs. Thanks folks. https://www.cashforkidsgive.co.uk/campaign/boogie-in-the-mornings-5k-a-day-2020/fundrais
  7. We started ok then they grew in to it. We've been rotten last 15 mins.
  8. We're seriously lacking that creative midfielder with the composure to make that final killer pass.
  9. Previously, I'd agree. Tonight we could have been 3-0 down before we had a shot on target.
  10. There's only club difference between wedge and 9 iron Ally 😂
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