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  1. The state of that Ryan Hedges man. Like a poor man's Josh Windass with his wee Alice band. Just looks like a pure fanny.
  2. I want 8. Smash the so called 3rd best team in Scotland.
  3. If only Ryan Kent could finish. Another one on one missed. Needs to work on that.
  4. I'm needing some inspiration to play FM again? Any suggestions on how to reignite my love for the game?
  5. Andy Carroll will not flop. I'll even put money on him being the top English goalscorer in the EPL next year.
  6. They need an absolute bulldog of a midfielder. Gerrard carries to much of an attacking threat to be playing defensively. If Maxi and Suarez start the season like the finished it and can supply Carroll, Liverpool will be a team to watch next year.
  7. So according to this "tweet", it is £20m over fours years which still equates to £5m per season as a transfer budget
  8. After several weeks of sitting back and observing this thread as a "guest" of this forum. With the posts of those people "in the know" and with many "sources", I've gone from sheer jubliation to contemplating suicide in the space of 24 hours on several occasions. I just cant cope with the stress it brings any longer. This is club is in my blood and we as fans are the blood of this club, without us the club would cease to exist. I just cant sit back and watch the people with the supposed clubs best interests at heart, treat us with continued utter contempt. The way we have been treated is not
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