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  1. I could understand your point about Rangers being a stepping stone for players in we'd plucked him from the English lower leagues but he came from the Premier league. His career was going nowhere.
  2. It's being reported he's rejected our latest contract offer and hopes to return to the EPL. If true, offload him in January. If we can't get rid in January then bench him. We have no place for players who don't want to be here.
  3. I can see Kent being first out the door under Gio. He's frustrating as fuck. Needs to do the simple thing more often.
  4. I admit I did give him shit but he didn't half prove me wrong.
  5. I have to admit I thought Bassey was immense last night.
  6. Fuck sake Kent, tricks are for the circus. Keep it simple 🤣
  7. I hope Gio has his video analyst make up two videos. One video is the new Alfredo of the last 6 months, the one who drops deep to link up play and plays 40 yard passes left and right and barely gets in to the box. The second video should be the old Alfredo from the previous 18 months. The one who runs channels, hassles defenders, rolls them when they get too tight and the one who plays on the shoulder. Take Alfredo in to a room and show him the videos. Tell him the old Alfredo is the one we need. We know the player is in there.
  8. Right now, I couldn't give a fuck about Europe or the Scottish Cup. Its primary and sole aim should be winning the league. The revenue generated from champions league groups stage football will more than make up for the revenue lost from knockout European football.
  9. Sign Danilo Doehki as a replacement for Goldson. Get rid of Tav. His times up. Patterson should be starting RB for remainder for season.
  10. What he said is unforgivable but abusing our own players on their social media is disgusting. We're better than that ffs.
  11. Aribo off? Three defensive midfielders on. What a fucking shambles.
  12. Our entire team needs a complete overhaul. The complete lack of effort here is appalling.
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