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  1. train to salzburg then vienna trains running all time mate get urself doon to party
  2. It ll be a Chinese investor, wae the Morelos thing etc must be from their!
  3. They need managed and organised! we were winning! They only needed to get 3 at back and get extra bodys in midfield make a few passes im a blindman no a fitbaw manager and even i could see that
  4. Murtys fault cannae believe didnt change that Club are run by fools now. Thee fucking stupidiest week in living history announcing Murty as manager when they ll end up having to sack him by new year. Jim Traynor must be calling shots at Rangers cause noone has a fkn clue what theyre doing.
  5. can noone gee the guy a break on communication skills? murinho was same years ago using wierd phrases think its wierd our own fans cant see him struggling a touch
  6. did u get in ? im in just now totally mental
  7. unreal site watchin band on las vegas strip outside planet hollywood whole place stopped including casino for 20 mins unreal!!
  8. going to vegas?.... rangers snd chsmpions league final will go out ur mind when u hit Fremont Street!!!!
  9. word on street its Finn... fkn mental in this crowd lolol Nakamura debuting tmora night on Smackdown
  10. the lights are blinding!! the producers should be shot!
  11. everyone in stadium being blinded noone can see everyone chanting WE CANT SEE sound system terrible too
  12. one of best things ive ever seen fans in crowd, austin vs rock with a referee, then rey mysterio attacks them, for 3 count then flair comes in so funny, fans are mental!! bewarned tarrier ringside front row!
  13. Aries Corbin The Hardys Charlotte Bliss Nakamura for shane Strouman Wyatt cena nikki engagement Rollins Owens new champ Lesnar new champ Reigns heel finishing taker exciting event hope it lives up to rumour n hype!
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