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  1. I see a car conga has started up in Belfast? Lets hit the streets, wake everyone up on a Sunday morning
  2. Feel like got my life back being able to comment again, ur a top man... even my old logo yasss
  3. Totally agree, off topic but looking forward to seeing a 100,000 bears lining streets very soon! wae red white n blue streaks across the sky!
  4. Yeah defo but brilliant to be talking with u all again, hope ur dain great mate
  5. great seeing ur name ! rough rough year but everyone has. just wish we could get back in the brox especially now
  6. RIGHT YA BASSAS IM BACK IN MY OLD ACCOUNT, Fkn 3rd degree on here right im no a tim OK Thanks admin
  7. train to salzburg then vienna trains running all time mate get urself doon to party
  8. Did we not do this exactly same time before Rangers tim game at Ibrox last time ? Giving morelos new contract ??
  9. Can someone be good enough to give me and 4 others a place on your bus...PM me peeps
  10. wish this judas fake kid on captain would stop getting mentioned on Rangers forums
  11. murty says he was bad but looked like he shat it not a bear clapped him leavin round track ta ta shot of him now
  12. why we singing bout them winning 10 in a row? why we lowering ourselves to there level wae this song? They sing a tune, we copy it with rearranged words... this creativity? sing fkn Rangers songs ffs theres hunners of them The title is this is how it feels to be Rangers NAW ITS FKN NO GET A FKN GRIP WITH THIS SONG from a non pc bear
  13. £125 for moi gb PM Me on rm fund dues as no been on for while uve no been nipping be yet lol
  14. been knockin ma pan in mate still listening and readin as much as possible
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