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  1. Bobby Madden makes a decision when it doesn’t matter. However, Mcgregors Challenge was bad. Not even a yellow. He then deliberately dives later in the game. A further yellow for similation is what should have happened. He doesnt referee the game in front of him. He’s a shitebag.
  2. As a founding participant of the “Champions League” as represented by one of the starts on the logo, we should be afforded a slot too.
  3. Is the ticket office open today?
  4. My season ticket automatically renews. I’ll have a click about on the site. If not I’ll phone tomorrow. Cheers bud
  5. Where do you go on the site? I click update details but I can’t see anything about bank details?
  6. Got my letter in. Need to update card details but there’s no form. Guessing I’ll have to go to the ticket office?
  7. Neither can I. They seem to want to make it incredibly fucking difficult to pay for.
  8. So my card was replaced by the bank due to potential fraud. This has fucked me for my card details but they don’t seem to let you update your card details online anymore when you log in. Do they let you do this on the phone?
  9. Apparently the first time the sheep have beat us 3 times in one season 😑
  10. Anybody that wants him replaced right now is a fucking banger. Patience lads.
  11. He had an injury and took painkillers he’s probably really fucked it. Painkillers don’t make injuries go away
  12. Anybody mind “it won’t, it won’t go in” that some space cadet came up with? this is almost as bad
  13. It’s a valid argument yeah. We’ve thrown away some amount of points this season. Scunnered.
  14. A lot of the fans have been blinkered by Europe.
  15. No but they should be inspired to practice. It’s the only real way to improve. Do it again and again and again. Work out scenarios in training too. It’s getting beyond a joke.
  16. I’m more terrified that it was seven years ago
  17. Regardless, we should have a deadline of acceptance or declination. That way we can fill the corner in due time rather than give them the option to shaft us of numbers.
  18. Craig Thompson League Cup Final 2011 changing his mind and booking Jelavic after the tarriers had a moan.
  19. Worse off in the league and put out of the league cup at the same stage. People can point to Europe all they like but we don’t have a realistic chance of winning that so for me, we’ve stood still. I’m frustrated and gutted and absolutely deflated.
  20. I agree. Kent and Middleton have show effort and desire and ability all season. Theres a reason Sadiq has barely kicked a ball for us (poor attitude mainly I reckon). Yup we had plenty time to plan for this. The first half was absolute wank and no changes were made till we fucked it.
  21. No nothing like that. Just in terms of the system/tactics etc. A false 9 would have been better to try. But I’m not paid to make such decisions. Either way. First subs with 9 mins to go after going a goal down is a fucking joke.
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