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  1. Because he wasn’t the plan. I feel Gerrard was more obliged to start him.
  2. Getting sick of him taking the blame. Not learning fuckall when you don’t make changes until the 80th minute and chasing the game.
  3. Admittedly from my seat I was miles away but it looked like he flapped at it like an absolute diddy.
  4. Aye. Something. Guy in front of me was having a proper go asking what I’d change (I was screaming towards the dugout why not make a change earlier etc). My answer was sadiq. He offered nothing. Chased fuckall. Gave the centre half’s an easy day and fell over any time he was challenged. Hes obviously not doing it in training and not featuring against ayr tells you everything. Mix have went with grezda or Middleton from the beginning in a false 9 role.
  5. Fucksake. Calm doon. I’m hurting as well but for fucksake get a grip.
  6. Gerrard not giving him any time because he realised bambi is a diddy but putting him up top because he was afraid to change anything is to blame. Also Gerrard not making a change until we went behind and expecting a reaction is to blame. Also we are fifth in the league but aye every cunt is burying their head in the sad cos we’re doing better than expected in a tournament we have absolutely no chance of winning. This cant go on.
  7. Well that was my point. The change needed to be made a lot sooner. Personally I’d have went with grezda or Middleton as a false 9 but I’m not paid to make these decisions. If sadiq isn’t good enough to play against Ayr then don’t fucking give him 90 minutes in a semi. Also falling over after he rounded the goalie was a fucking joke.
  8. I was going off my nut. I had a guy in front of me asking what I would change. 9 minutes to go I said sadiq he’s done fuckall. Why wait that long?
  9. We’re 5th in the league and that is what matters. If you truly think we’ll win the Europa league then I want what you’re having. Hamilton papered some cracks and today was fucking awful.
  10. He’s sat behind me for a few years now and I’ve never asked his name haha
  11. Sit with my uncle and his pal and there’s two lads behind me that are sound. One comes all the way down from Aberdeen every other week.
  12. This. Not to mention two gutless displays in the semi final then letting them have a party while we rolled over. Sickening.
  13. All I have is: HAHAHAAHAHAHAH (and I’m a badly bastard too). Edit: I say bastard but I was planned. But I’m bald as fuck.
  14. And probably should have been 3-0 up at half time. Don’t bury your head in the sand. If not for the woodwork and McGregor that was practically Groundhog Day.
  15. Don’t know why we went with the old school long ball when that’s not how we’ve been playing all season.
  16. And why? Camping on our 18 yard line and punting it away for them to come again isn’t exactly standing up to them.
  17. At no point have I said bin Gerrard at all. Don’t put words in my mouth. Yeah Europe is a good achievement but we all want the league. We’ve won one game. Is everyone fine with that aye? ”aw but last time it was 5-0” if it wasn’t for the crossbar and McGregor it would have been 5 again. We have them all the time and space in the world. Whatever plan we had seemed to just be sit in the box and hoof it. I can take a defeat but we didn’t try again. No getting in their faces. No real threat. Didn’t ask questions and were lucky to be in it at half time. We’ve spent money we have a
  18. Pedros mob won 4-1 last night and sit top of the league unbeaten. We have won 1 game. Have 5 points out of 12 and sit mid table. The optimism is misplaced I feel.
  19. A pint costs about 3.50 and the pies at half time are dry and burnt. Doesn’t add up to £10. Shocking.
  20. I sometimes wonder if it's done to the Yes vote. If a referee who may have voted yes walks into Ibrox, hears Rule Britannia, Union flags everywhere, GSTQ etc can they be impartial? Its a can of worms but it's worth thinking about and if they can't separate politics from football and doing their job properly then it's something worth thinking about. If it's subconscious bias then this could be fuelling it.
  21. Last year we (despite the alarming frequency of it) accepted refs up here are fucking pish. But for me, it's now clearly bias. 12 fucking minutes it took. How can a ref take action like that for something he never seen? And ball and may should have walked. Denying a clear goal scoring opportunity and an elbow smash to the back of the head. How in the absolute fucking hell was there only one booking for May and nothing for ball? also Mackay Steven not being booked for dissent. And arfield being booked for being grabbed and squared up to. If we don't speak out as a club the
  22. I can't wait to quote this to greetin' faced manky bastards in work.
  23. Tim Weise. He's a wrestler now haha
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