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  1. Worse off in the league and put out of the league cup at the same stage. 

    People can point to Europe all they like but we don’t have a realistic chance of winning that so for me, we’ve stood still. 

    I’m frustrated and gutted and absolutely deflated.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, BlueKnight87 said:

    I would have preferred either Kent or Middleton in that role. Both have pace to burn and showing they can finish.

    It would have involved tactical adjustments but we had time since the Ayr game to work that on the training pitch

    Agree his timing with the subs is awful. 

    I agree. Kent and Middleton have show effort and desire and ability all season. 

    Theres a reason Sadiq has barely kicked a ball for us (poor attitude mainly I reckon). 

    Yup we had plenty time to plan for this. The first half was absolute wank and no changes were made till we fucked it.

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  3. 6 minutes ago, BlueKnight87 said:

    You thinking something in the loan agreement ? 

    No nothing like that. Just in terms of the system/tactics etc. 

    A false 9 would have been better to try. But I’m not paid to make such decisions. Either way. First subs with 9 mins to go after going a goal down is a fucking joke. 

  4. 13 minutes ago, BlueKnight87 said:

    A couple of times in the 1st half he did some good stuff 

    But as the game went on he couldn't stay onside and the dive IMO will end his Rangers career. 

    For me the management have to take some blame here. We've knowing for weeks morelos and lafferty weren't available for this. If Sadiq was always the plan, why didn't he get some game time before this. 

    Because he wasn’t the plan. I feel Gerrard was more obliged to start him. 

  5. Just now, DBBTB said:

    I’d have swapped Arfield for Coulibaly and Middleton for Sadiq and moved Kent to move centrally to play a a false 9 to draw their centre halves out and create the space for either Arfield to run into or the space to get the ball in behind the full back who would have to tuck in for Middleton to run on to.

    Aye. Something. 

    Guy in front of me was having a proper go asking what I’d change (I was screaming towards the dugout why not make a change earlier etc). 

    My answer was sadiq. He offered nothing. Chased fuckall. Gave the centre half’s an easy day and fell over any time he was challenged. 

    Hes obviously not doing it in training and not featuring against ayr tells you everything. 

    Mix have went with grezda or Middleton from the beginning in a false 9 role. 

  6. 30 minutes ago, tannerall said:

    Just imagine today if there had been a Gers fan who just happened to be a pilot listening to the game on the radio in the cabin of a plane at Glasgow airport which was due to take off a few minutes after the final whistle. 

    Just imagine as that pilot took off then rose up to 2000 feet above the city in the plane then felt frustration at the result and banged his fist on the controls, hitting the rapid descent button by mistake and inadvertently sent the plane smashing in to the hills behind Old Kilpatrick, killing all the crew and 200 people on board. 

    Does everyone agree Morelos would have to accept full responsibility for those deaths, and should be sent to jail when found guilty of aiding the manslaughter of over 200 people and then in jail would he accept proper responsibility for his actions, rather than his only punishment being  just left  sitting in stand feeling sorry with himself and getting away with those crimes Scot free ?

    I for one can fully understand the OPs concerns here.

    Fucksake. Calm doon. I’m hurting as well but for fucksake get a grip. 

  7. 1 hour ago, ForeverAndEver said:


    Gerrard signing a mongo bastard is more to blame.

    Gerrard not giving him any time because he realised bambi is a diddy but putting him up top because he was afraid to change anything is to blame. 

    Also Gerrard not making a change until we went behind and expecting a reaction is to blame. 

    Also we are fifth in the league but aye every cunt is burying their head in the sad cos we’re doing better than expected in a tournament we have absolutely no chance of winning. 

    This cant go on. 

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  8. 7 minutes ago, DBBTB said:

    Why take on Middleton, who needs space to get in behind their full back, right after Aberdeen had scored and were about to start sitting even deeper. The time to make that sub was 15 minutes before he did.

    Well that was my point. The change needed to be made a lot sooner. Personally I’d have went with grezda or Middleton as a false 9 but I’m not paid to make these decisions. 

    If sadiq isn’t good enough to play against Ayr then don’t fucking give him 90 minutes in a semi. 

    Also falling over after he rounded the goalie was a fucking joke. 

  9. 17 hours ago, plumbGER said:

    We shouldn't be talking about anyone lying down to them when we did that exact thing at the piggery last time out.


    Not to mention two gutless displays in the semi final then letting them have a party while we rolled over. 


  10. 1 hour ago, Swagger said:

    There’s very little appetite for International football anymore.

    Its pretty much done 

    Given that Scotland haven’t qualified for a tournament in 20 years that appetite has (rightly) taken a knock. 

    But yeah I couldn’t give much of a fuck about international football. 

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