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  1. Just now, DBBTB said:

    Aye let’s just bin Gerrard and get on the phone to Pedro and beg him to come back.

    Honest to fuck people who can’t think or post rationally after games  just shouldn’t log in for a few hours until the calm down.

    At no point have I said bin Gerrard at all. Don’t put words in my mouth. 

    Yeah Europe is a good achievement but we all want the league. We’ve won one game. Is everyone fine with that aye?

    ”aw but last time it was 5-0” if it wasn’t for the crossbar and McGregor it would have been 5 again. We have them all the time and space in the world. Whatever plan we had seemed to just be sit in the box and hoof it. 

    I can take a defeat but we didn’t try again. No getting in their faces. No real threat. Didn’t ask questions and were lucky to be in it at half time. We’ve spent money  we have a new manager  yet can’t even give this mob a game. How can Hearts do it and not us? It’s fucking frustrating  

    One win in 4. This is Rangers. Not fucking Hamilton. A lot to prove after the international break. 

  2. 40 minutes ago, don logan said:

    He was extremely inconsistent last time round but when on form he was excellent.

    Yeah just not enough. The bursts of form at the end of the season were as infuriating as they were brilliant because you're sitting there thinking where's this been for the other 30 games?

  3. I sometimes wonder if it's done to the Yes vote. 

    If a referee who may have voted yes walks into Ibrox, hears Rule Britannia, Union flags everywhere, GSTQ etc can they be impartial? 

    Its a can of worms but it's worth thinking about and if they can't separate politics from football and doing their job properly then it's something worth thinking about. 

    If it's subconscious bias then this could be fuelling it.  

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  4. 34 minutes ago, theiconicman said:

    We should keep a thread with all the decisions that go against us and equally those that the opposition isn't punished for.

    If we want to combat the 'paranoid protestants' argument, we need facts.


    Maybe note down anything we do get away with because we all just want impartiality right?

  5. Last year we (despite the alarming frequency of it) accepted refs up here are fucking pish. 

    But for me, it's now clearly bias. 12 fucking minutes it took. How can a ref take action like that for something he never seen?

    And ball and may should have walked. Denying a clear goal scoring opportunity and an elbow smash to the back of the head. How in the absolute fucking hell was there only one booking for May and nothing for ball?

    also Mackay Steven not being booked for dissent. And arfield being booked for being grabbed and squared up to. 

    If we don't speak out as a club then we will forever be shat on. We are being strangled competitively while they reap the rewards of travelling fans, Gerrard being a big draw and we are not being given parity. 

    I am absolutely fucking livid. 

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  6. 6 hours ago, TMB said:

    celtic's position isn't consistent.  When they reduced the allocation they issued a statement which said:

    "An historic season for the Club has led to a phenomenal level of demand from supporters to be part of celtic.  We are happy to reciprocate in terms of ticket allocation, something which will give us the opportunity to meet this huge demand to visit celtic Park."

    Now they're saying that:

    "this is not a development we welcome and it is unfortunate that the initial decision came without any form of discussion"

    So which is it?  Did they not discuss this at boardroom level before issuing their statement reducing allocation?  They can give Rangers fans 8000 tickets if that makes them happy no one is forcing them to reduce their own allocation.  

    I can't wait to quote this to greetin' faced manky bastards in work. 

  7. Just now, Walter-of-Smith said:

    I would.

    You could work hard all your life at a job and people will only ever remember how shite you were at the end.


    I wouldn't. 

    But then I don't love what I do. 

    Subjective question I guess. 

  8. 5 minutes ago, TMB said:

    This could be his last year as a professional footballer.  If he does stay with us I hope he gives it everything.  If it is to be a three at the back system then he may still have a big part to play. 

    If you were retiring from your job would you give it your all?

    I certainly wouldn't. 

    This is why we need to stop signing people at that stage of their career. 

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  9. 18 hours ago, Blumhoilann said:

    He's was/is a character,frustrating as they come,diving,acting the maggot but just couldn't help liking him. Wasn't afraid to put himself about and played wi real heart. Wonder if he'd scored more goals,would we still have him at Ibrox?

    Naw. Boyd scored a shitload and still some give him pelters. 

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  10. 8 minutes ago, Brubear said:

    My memory was that our fans would have expected to stay in the premier league but once we were voted out of it we were happy to go to Div 3 rather than be given any favours by the SFL, which was a separate organisation back then. Don't remember the tarriers being demoted when they had their financial meltdown in 1993. 

    I don't remember anything being done to them. 

    No fines, point deductions, demotions, transfer bans, court cases, appeals, and 6 years (and counting) of people trying to punish them. (Correct me if any of that happened).

    But they got a new owner and a new stadium built (on the cheap). 

  11. 1 minute ago, BlueboyG said:

    sheep havnt beat the since 2014, if the sheep win they should get done for match fixing

    Should be done for two counts of match fixing in the last month. 

    Every man and their dog knew they'd lie down to Hibs just to have a party against us. Something the police said they'd never allow and it's happened twice in 6 years. 

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