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  1. Quiet, subdued and nervous? (Possibly turned the crowd down on the radio, wouldn't surprise me) Or was it a bit more lively? Also what would they really do if everyone started singing TBB, I mean really? they can't arrest everyone surely?
  2. I for one would like to know what Edu does in training to get picked week in week out. Hutton wouldn't be any worse, at least he looks for the ball and doesn't play hide and seek
  3. I don't get it either. Why sign players when you're not gonna play them? Going by the few appearances he's had for us I reckon he'd get a few goals for us if given a consistent run in the team. Should be partnering the big man up front, AT LEAST for the last half hour in matches.
  4. I reckon it's all starting to mount up thanks to inTIMidation though. I mean that's two games in a row where the ref has utterly failed to send off the last man. Do the laws of the game not apply to us when a foul is committed against us now? Granted a sending off doesn't guarantee victory but it changes the other teams tactics. Makes ye think.
  5. I mean for fucksake, their manager (I use the term loosely) can't even manage to control his temper. Plus he looks like them troll things in lord of the rings
  6. It means we are articulate, inteligent, civilised human beings and the other side are filthy, unwashed orks.
  7. I should have been clearer on what I'm trying to get across in my opinion. (Sorry folks) Not specifically on today's game, I just think that over the course of the season he just doesn't seem as focused on the whole I guess is what I'm trying to say. If he was to be dropped for a couple games it might help him get back on his game. Mind you, if a clown like Edu can't get dropped for perpetual shite displays then... I guess my opinion is pissing against the wind haha
  8. Haha Aye I'm aware of the treatment I might get but I'm one seriously fucked off bear right now so thought I'd sign up and talk to some bears. Helps with the anger. Losing the title to these clatty bhastards who are represented by that vile ork is just fucking unthinkable. Would be on par with losing ten in a row in terms of anger and disgust for me personally.
  9. That given the amount of goals he seems to be letting in this season and some sub par performances this season that it might do McGregor a good turn to be dropped for a few games? In my opinion Alexander was solid and didn't do much wrong against PSV or the Scum so he'd be just as good as number one. Just my opinion as I think McGregor might think he's immune from any long term bench time no matter how well Alexander does. Thoughts?
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