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  1. See I'm not from the south side but some of my family is and I was drinking in Cathcart after the game. Place had a few of them talking fucking shite in the pub. Ignored it cos just wanted a quiet drink with my uncle but I was heavy pissed off and I don't know if it's just because we lost today. But when I left. Got on the train, given abuse by fenian tramps and got to central the place felt alien to me.
  2. There's a weird atmosphere (lack of better term) in the city right now. The arrogance ripping out of them and a compliant media plus a Scottish government that is against everything we stand for is giving them free reign to do and say what they want. Disgusting.
  3. Should have been red carded. Remember this same ref couldn't send Ryan Jack off fast enough for a follow through whilst passing the ball. Comsistency n that.
  4. I myself was subject to verbal abuse on the train home from 3 tims. Fuckall came of it and I just laughed at them but look, it's seem acceptable for this to happen. It needs to stop. Fucking horrible, bigoted, two faced, rancid, minority cunts. The arrogance reeling from then is getting out of control and has spilled beyond the realms of the actual game.
  5. I saw candeias trying. After windass scored he fucking vanished. Mall I ask is you try. And candeias never hid.
  6. The best way to beat them is give him no fucking time. Make him go back and sideways (and pressing leads to mistakes) the last ten minutes of the first half we gave them way too much respect and that's where we failed in my opinion.
  7. Has conceded more goals from outside the box than any other keeper this season. Also doesn't command his area well with cross balls. If I was the opposition manager I'd be saying shoot on site.
  8. I agree. Candieas gave his all today and has done all season. No idea why people dislike him. Windass scored and then figured he'd done enough and went into hiding.
  9. First half was Goss tackle. Was a foul but harsh to give a booking. My point is why is brown a protected species? I counted 4 fouls today and one studs up slide tackle that the ref waved play on.
  10. Most protected species in Scotland. Several pints on and I'm still in disbelief that he actually sent one of those cunts off as well.
  11. Aye but Goss yellow was soft in my opinion. Also when they scored their first rogic followed through and injured Bates. Mind Jack got sent off for passing the ball and his follow through caught stevie may.
  12. Brown was guilty of persistent fouling. Not even a yellow.
  13. I always go in the same turnstile and walk on the same side of the steps leading up into the stand. Anytime I've ever deviated from that we don't win.
  14. See if referees dish out cards earlier and control the game from the first minute instead of letting players off with overly physical play (something that Scotland hasn't moved on from) those tackles that have cause injuries are a lot less likely to happen.
  15. I'm pretty sure that's how much they get. Or thereabouts.
  16. And there we go. Player off with an injury because the ref is letting thugs be thugs.
  17. There's another horrendous tackle that's hurt a player and all that happens is play on and a talking to. Dorrans and Jack are injured because referees have failed to do their job properly.
  18. We should be highlighting these things even when we're winning. Even if it is just incompetence it needs fucking sorted. You'd get the sack if you were pish at your job. These clowns get £1000 a game to make a cunt of it.
  19. He made a mental run at 1-0 and ended up chasing the goalie I was horrified. Still 2-0 ftp
  20. I'm getting sick of goalies having worldies against us.
  21. Do YouTube no usually pay you if you have enough viewers? We should be taking it in with the fan base of at least two clubs.
  22. Not offended by this. What it shows me is they are breeding players who get it and we should be doing the same. No more nice respectful pish.
  23. The cynical foul when we were on the break. Why no booking? Also in first half the ball hit the corner flag and went out for a goal kick but the ref decided it was a throw in. Clearly other games not involving us have shite decisions too. They really need to be held accountable and trained to a much higher standard.
  24. Ah right. So he might make the end of the tour? Superb!
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