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  1. 16 minutes ago, Terry Hurlock Loyal said:

    My local.pub was full of them today, absolutely blootered ordering champagne and shouting hail hail to eachother. Families were in having dinners for mothers day, it was a disgusting site. I know in that place, if it were us shouting simply the best we would have been binned pronto. I'm feeling a strongly worded email to the brewery - either that or find another boozer.

    There's a weird atmosphere (lack of better term) in the city right now. The arrogance ripping out of them and a compliant media plus a Scottish government that is against everything we stand for is giving them free reign to do and say what they want. 


  2. 1 hour ago, G.E.C. said:

    Think he’ll be out for the rest of the season tbh with Rogic’s follow through and momentum.

    Should have been red carded. 

    Remember this same ref couldn't send Ryan Jack off fast enough for a follow through whilst passing the ball. 

    Comsistency n that. 

  3. I myself was subject to verbal abuse on the train home from 3 tims. 

    Fuckall came of it and I just laughed at them but look, it's seem acceptable for this to happen. 

    It needs to stop. Fucking horrible, bigoted, two faced, rancid, minority cunts. 

    The arrogance reeling from then is getting out of control and has spilled beyond the realms of the actual game. 

  4. Just now, danger ranger said:


    Like Windass he also is shite, far too predictable and couldn't cross a street never mind a ball.

    I saw candeias trying. 

    After windass scored he fucking vanished. 

    Mall I ask is you try. And candeias never hid. 

  5. Just now, TheGovanIniesta said:

    that and everyone being feart to touch him for some reason is my biggest gripe about them, Holt got snapped at parkhead for Brown to go up and scream in his face, guy just strolls about snapping anyone he feels like and the officials nor the opposition care at all

    In this game I don’t mind it because he let a lot go from both sides but in a general sense that’s a one in a million 


    The best way to beat them is give him no fucking time. Make him go back and sideways (and pressing leads to mistakes) the last ten minutes of the first half we gave them way too much respect and that's where we failed in my opinion. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, Loyaleastend said:

    Foderingham  gets beat from distance too much, doesn’t inspire confidence at all.  Tav also had a nightmare.

    Has conceded more goals from outside the box than any other keeper this season. 

    Also doesn't command his area well with cross balls. 

    If I was the opposition manager I'd be saying shoot on site. 

  7. Just now, TheGovanIniesta said:

    I can’t even mind Goss’ tackle to comment but the Rogic one was just unfortunate I think, looks nasty as fuck when you see the photo of it that was on here.

    First half was Goss tackle. Was a foul but harsh to give a booking. 

    My point is why is brown a protected species? I counted 4 fouls today and one studs up slide tackle that the ref waved play on. 

  8. 24 minutes ago, TheGovanIniesta said:

    John should have been booked early so we can hardly complain, ref was fine, lenient but in the right way

    Aye but Goss yellow was soft in my opinion.  

    Also when they scored their first rogic followed through and injured Bates. 

    Mind Jack got sent off for passing the ball and his follow through caught stevie may. 


  9. 12 minutes ago, evenstevens said:

    That doesn't make any sense. The refs failed to do their job AFTER the horrific challenges on Dorrans and Jack. Him doing his job and sending the offending players off wouldn't have resulted in our players no longer being injured. 

    See if referees dish out cards earlier and control the game from the first minute instead of letting players off with overly physical play (something that Scotland hasn't moved on from) those tackles that have cause injuries are a lot less likely to happen. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Essandoh said:

    He deserved a goal with that last effort. Amazing save from the Hearts keeper who kept that scoreline from being 3 or 4.

    I'm getting sick of goalies having worldies against us. 

  11. 2 hours ago, Deanzmeanzheinz said:


    to reiterate once again - the opinions I have challenged on this forum are that refs are biased/ have an agenda or such like - they simply do not 

    as I replied to Williamson he was too lenient last night especially in the first half 

    the knees pass back - I’m fuckin howling at some of the experts on that one ??? 

    red card on Morelos - he got it right imho. Red card at the penalty - not for me either 

    I’ll repeat - referees are not biased but the current crop are as bad as I can remember. 

    I don’t know how many times I have to say this ?

    The cynical foul when we were on the break. Why no booking?

    Also in first half the ball hit the corner flag and went out for a goal kick but the ref decided it was a throw in. 

    Clearly other games not involving us have shite decisions too. They really need to be held accountable and trained to a much higher standard. 

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