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  1. 2 minutes ago, ZZed said:

    2 things I would change in Scottish football: the league season ( start it in March and finish in November) 2  no points for a 0-0 (this would make the teams try to score instead of sitting for a 0-0 from the start of the game). This would change the whole psychology of the game and training from the managers.

    Been saying it for a while now. Outside of Rangers, the vast majority of football you watch is as a neutral. 

    They forget it's meant to be entertainment. What's entertaining about one team sitting back and the other going sideways and backwards?

    fucking awful.

    and while I'll never stop going to ibrox, I'm fucking sick of watching us playing against 10-0-0 formations. It's not fun or entertaining. 

  2. 3 hours ago, mchammer said:

    I have always wanted summer football but the powers that be just dont want it.

    Fifa will say it's because of the world cup and euro championships.

    Other countries manage fine who play summer football because they do have harsh winters like Russia and so on.




    Fifa are quite happy to have the Qatar World Cup during the winter so fuck them. We're the northernmost country with a winter schedule as far as I'm aware. 

    Which seems like a vain attempt to keep up with the elite. Pointless. 

  3. What you have to remember is he was halfway through he Finnish season when we signed him. The boy has practically played a whole season so his lack of sharpness/tired decisions in front of goal is telling. 

    Hopefully the break lets him recharge. 

  4. This group of players really, really needs to have a good look at themselves. There is no good reason that they can't apply themselves like they did in the second half week on week (let's be honest we rode our luck big time first half). 

    If they can sort out their attitude and workrate then yeah, maybe we would be closer to where we should be. 

  5. He faced three shots today. He stopped none of them. 

    Quite frankly not good enough. Far too inconsistent and if people are happy with that then there's up to them but he isn't good enough in my opinion. 

    Yes had a good game on Wednesday and a few other games but by and large, nah. Not for me. 

    But then again, most of our players are mediocre or have a shite attitude. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, King Jela said:

    Nearly spat my juice out there reading that :lol: he knew exactly what the fuck he was doing ffs. 

    This taig-like victimhood attitude over this makes me cringe. 

    I could see your point if he went over the ball but he sidefoots it to pass and he unfortunately collides with May. 

    Red was very harsh (compare to Pena's horror tackle at Hamilton a few weeks ago, that was a red). 

  7. 4 minutes ago, .Williamson. said:

    What's the score with Dorrans?

    He was cut down by a thug on the park and the ref done little about it. 

    Dorrans hobbled off soon after. 

    But Jack accidentally hurting an opponent by passing the ball and not defying the laws of physics is absolutely disgusting if you believe the media. 

  8. 14 minutes ago, Supersonic said:

    "Doesn't matter how little contact there is. I felt a little tug and I went down." - Sinclair, in his post match interview :lol:

    Mind that time Aluko went down with minimum contact at Ibrox? (Forget who it was, might have been Raith). He was demonised from all corners after that. 

    As others have also said, Jelavic was kicked in the knee and the ref shat himself after awarding it. 

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  9. 2 hours ago, ForeverAndEver said:

    You just know we'll have morons that'll be focusing on asking about the Tarriers allocation n stupid shite like on Thursday

    Anyone not asking the real questions should be booed and escorted from the premises. 

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