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  1. 22 minutes ago, Smile said:

    I think he means their game plan worked ours did not, our problems for me were our strikers couldn't finish their Tea and their Goalie had an excellent game. and our defence is horrid.

    Every goalie we face these days seems to have the game of their life. It's frustrating. 

  2. 6 minutes ago, Big Al II said:

    Where did I say the manager is telling his no 9 to sit deep? FFS seriously.


    Admittedly a bit pished last night. Misread what you said. Apologies. 

  3. Just now, Hilly86 said:

    We're not good enough to have two strikers waiting for service. If he plays, Miller should be the link between midfield and Morelos.

    It looks like he knows what he should be doing, isn't good at it, and overcompensates by running about aimlessly and pointing a lot.

    He drops deep and gets in the way. No.9 should stick to the no.9 position. 

    Hes experienced enough to know what to do there. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Big Al II said:

    Of course it matters. Wtf does stropsville mean? Are you 12?

    If a player doesn't listen to his managers instructions he should gtf.

    I don't have an issue with him questioning the fact his manager is an imbecile, but he should do what's asked of him on the park.

    And you think the manager tells his no.9 to sit in defensive mid?

    Kenny needs to stay in the box. He's a striker. Not a fucking defender. 

    Imagine Ally sitting that deep. Or any other  of our great strikers.

    Kenny was dropped on form. He threw his toys out the pram. Last week he stayed in the box and scored twice. That's his job. Today he wast ontop of the defence and done fuckall. A good few crosses in the box. No one there. 

    Thats where he should be.  

    You can bury your head in the sand and question my age (I'm in my 30s) I know the game. It's not rocket science. Strikers stay up top. Let defenders defend. 


  5. 14 minutes ago, 1690tamRFC said:

    Cunts got apparently £5 mill but I doubt the figures to be honest. Remember the Asian country they sold to Swansea for £12 mill (no laughing now) then in that years accounts the most expensive player in Swansea’s history only cost £6 mill and it wasn’t him ffs. The Scottish media play their game fir them. They have fucked it in the transfer market in the last 10 years, under TLB especially but yet we only hear of these great deals, there has literally been 2 or 3 wanyama and Forster the main ones before Brenda cane in. That’s a fucking fact. 

    We know it's a lie. 

    I'll boil it down 

    "the special atmosphere" on a champions league night. 

    It carries far. 

    Tell me the positive PR for Rangers?

    fuckin none. We are being squeezed. 

    I am not one for posting much on here. 

    How I would love to get a few of the level headed on here around a table for a chat. 

    There is literally loads to discuss. 

    I once read "they were thinking while we were drinking" and it's fucking true. 

    I don't think we had such good PR even during the 90s

  6. 4 minutes ago, 1690tamRFC said:

    I don’t disagree with any of that mate, I make you 100% right and it’s sickening.  

    Wanyama was a decent player they did make a decent profit on but see the rest of the shite they signed at that era they lost millions and that’s a fact. Bangura etc the list is massive get our press don’t say fuck all about that. 

    We do need to wake up though your right mate. 


    Sell on clause. 

    If the doesn't give you the fear. 

    I don't know what does. 

  7. Just now, 1690tamRFC said:

    Fuck me I was driving home the other night before the last Scotland game and keevens was raging that tiermey was playing right back because of the lad that signed fir Liverpool was left back as he was the best left back in Europe !! I kid you not fuck me, Europe !! 

    The machine rolls on. The "neutral" media sucks it up 

  8. Just now, 1690tamRFC said:

    I’ve been told this week off a taig at work that 47 cunts were watching tierny ha ha ffs 9 EPL teams and the rest of Europe’s top clubs, best left back in Europe and they are expecting bids of £85 million plus come Christmas ha ha ha. By that account even windass must be worth about £20 million ?

    Yes I was being facetious. 


    How often do they say shit and it gains traction?

    atmosphere on a champions league night. 

    Best British left back 

    losing 2-1 is some how a win 


    van dijk

    to name a few things wether we think it's arseache or not they are profiting financially or in football terms. 

    So mcrorie looks fucking solid. Sell him as solid. He's doing a job in Scotland against diddies. So is tierny. 

    What's the difference? 

    Literally nothing except they have the media behind them. Shit needs to change. 

    Yes it pisses me off and yes I'm spewing. 

    We need to wake the fuck up 

  9. 4 minutes ago, Courtyard Bear said:

    End the thread.??

    Honestly. Yes he has heart. He has ability. But for fucksake. When it was 0-0 a ball flashed across the box. Where was he?


    Its frustrating 

  10. During the second hand he was floating about the halfway line and I yelled GET UP THE FUCKING PARK KENNY a few folk seemed to get a fright (I sit in the Sandy Jardine). 

    Its almost as if some are blind to it. You're our 9. Stay in the box. 

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