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  1. I might have a few mate will get back to you when i get back next week
  2. Noticed this on sunday mate. Loved his 'we will sort it in the car park' comment.
  3. What a man! Did he no have a wee shot of Jordan aswell? Not a fuck given just throwing the chairman in the pool😂😂 RIP warrior
  4. Great news. But lets be honest cancer never stood a chance against this guy
  5. If he did come to us then its clear he wanted to miss
  6. The game against juve away would have been double figures if it wasnt for him that night. They scored 4 but fuck me goram was outstanding. Im also sure he got the man of the match.
  7. Got a couple of the training tops. No issues so far
  8. Can forget the league again if we canny win against shite like this
  9. I've put this story on here a couple time's but big guy that used to get on are supporter bus yeara ago had a great story. Him and his wife where at a tribute night up at a hotel in perthshire somewhere. So during the night he goes to the bar but there was a few people waiting to be served so he thought he would be quicker getting served at the other lounge bar. As he was getting served he noticed mccoist was there himself drinking so he went said hello. And he asked Ally how his son was getting on who was having health problems after birth. He said mccoist just opened up and he could tell h
  10. Watching this about to start work and for some reason this has given me a lump in my throat. I remember this game like it was yesterday where has the time gone
  11. Anyone know when the Led boards are getting put in around the top teirs
  12. Hope there is a deal done cause everytime the ball goes near him his value drops😂😂
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