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  1. Support the bears like me. Great colours and what's not to like about the bears. Teams pish tho
  2. As we can't recall him until January it's been said a million times in here
  3. I keep running past and missing the person with the ball
  4. He played well getting Liverpool to that final then fucked it
  5. Anyone know if the stadium store has any pro kits?
  6. That the video where John Greigs laughing saying if he hadn't chosen the longer stud that day he would have missed 🤣
  7. Never get how people say they get embarrassed supporting Rangers
  8. Sorry mate I was meaning in here. To many people saying there worried about next weekend.
  9. He looked to have a dig from the edge a couple of times aswell which Is somehing we lack
  10. Keepers are ridiculous with some of the saves they pull. No sure if I like it or not
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