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  1. No doubt the Atlantic league stuff will come back now
  2. New face mask turned up with the badge peeling off. And my training top sponsor is starting to bubble
  3. Superb!! Met her a couple time's at Ibrox. Always remember Goram saying that all the boys lived in fear that one day she would write a book telling all her storys and everyone of the guys would be fucked with amount she knew about them😂😂
  4. My grandad was good friends with Jock after serving in the Army together. And has a fair few stories of there time together
  5. Anyone bought the face masks.? Whats fit like
  6. Have they sorted that anoying thing when your defending and you switch player and for a split second he runs away from the ball
  7. Did he no have a spell at juve?
  8. I might have a few mate will get back to you when i get back next week
  9. Noticed this on sunday mate. Loved his 'we will sort it in the car park' comment.
  10. What a man! Did he no have a wee shot of Jordan aswell? Not a fuck given just throwing the chairman in the pool😂😂 RIP warrior
  11. Great news. But lets be honest cancer never stood a chance against this guy
  12. If he did come to us then its clear he wanted to miss
  13. The game against juve away would have been double figures if it wasnt for him that night. They scored 4 but fuck me goram was outstanding. Im also sure he got the man of the match.
  14. Got a couple of the training tops. No issues so far
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