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  1. Was gonna go to the shop today anyone know what the queue's are like? And if there's anything left
  2. So what we thinking over all? Better quality than last year or is everything gonna peel off after a couple washes?
  3. Mines arrived today. No issues👌
  4. Has the boy Maxwell not done well at Qos this season. Be at a lower level would be looking to get him to a premiership club this season
  5. Good few year ago he wasnt very nice to my little cousin in a nightclub. So her brother went to his door the next day to have a word and he just kept looking thru the blinds. Shitebag wouldnt answer the door
  6. You get on the john niven loyal mate? Used to go on it my dad still does?

    1. FlippinEck


      Aye mate I do. What's his name?

    2. lewislaudrup
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