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  1. Mate stop being a dick. Grow up take the job and put the cunts out of buisness!!!
  2. Is there anywhere to buy games on digital download without using the Ps store?? Cause some of the prices they want for games is a joke.
  3. Shouted at me on my wedding day mate i shat myself. Then he started laughing. Couldnt even speak to him was just in awe of him
  4. Has to be. Unless there are family memebers that are no longer with us that never got the chance to see us back where we belong.
  5. Good few year ago he wasnt very nice to my little cousin in a nightclub. So her brother went to his door the next day to have a word and he just kept looking thru the blinds. Shitebag wouldnt answer the door
  6. I was there aswell mate. Was my 16th Birthday. Thinking back it was very weird crying but trying to sing. Its probably something no one would understand unless you are one of us its something our club bings out in us that nothing else can
  7. Just so i know and make sure i have travel plans in place but when that day comes is it straight to Ibrox??
  8. Does pes Have a version of pro clubs?
  9. Some Hibs players dont want to play. Until they have been tested
  10. Take it this fm has the lower leagues or is it a patch you down loaded mate?
  11. They need to take the wee stupid tricks and flicks out of this. Which would never happen in a game of football
  12. Yes mate its on the corner of balbirnie avenue and park view in Markinch. Im not to far away and will take some flowers tomo morning as i do every 2nd. Give me shout if you need any more info when your heading over.
  13. Was thinking this today. Im sure the bbc will make this programme about causing damage to the club
  14. I know but you know what i mean
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