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  1. Please.After putting them out twice. I hope Legia win the Cup now that would be justice.
  2. Delighted for them. Lets wait and see if they find something wrong with Maribor.
  3. Yes Rules are Rules. See Playing a weakened Team please.
  4. Aye of course Septic are good at abiding by the Rules . Arent they?
  5. Everything is going well for these Cnuts isn't it? If you think this is the correct decision UEFA made then I reckon your Sporting Moral Compass has went off.
  6. I'm rapidly and surely being turned off Football for good by Football Authorities.
  7. I hope Legia go on in the Europa and Meet those Cnuts again when they get booted out the CL.Is that possible? Good luck to Legia hope they go on to win the thing. Would be nice. They do not deserve this shit.
  8. We will see how the Sellick Faifull stick by the State Aid rules when that comes up. Remember Rules are Rules an aw rat.
  9. Is that what fitbaw is all about now? Fucking Litigation. The whole of football is a pure joke now with a right bunch of jokers running it. The The ECA organisation split from UEFA the better.
  10. Guy on Talksport hinted if this was Real Madrid making an error would they be Ejected from the Tournament.Good point. UEFA are cowards quite simple.
  11. Some of us have morals. The Tournament is a joke and to get through after getting a traunching, and to get flung out after hammering a Team 6-1 is quite pathetic under the circumstances. A's a whole I don't watch the CL as its a farce. For Start its full of non champions, and secondly it's the same Teams over and over and over and over and over again and again and again. Its quite simply a fucking joke of a tournament run by jokers.
  12. If this was us there is no way on Earth I would go and watch it. For fuck sake they got absolutely nailed by Legia fare, and square on the field of Play. And the guy had no influence whatsoever on the Game. If it was us I wouldn't even watch it on tv. Its so embarrassing, and quite pathetic to eject a Team for such a silly simple admin error. These decisions are quite literally tearing the game apart. As if the CL is not a farce as it is without all this bullshit. I hope it turns people right off it. The CL is a farce.
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