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  1. I spoke to my mate who is a City Fan and this boy has come from the Acadamy. I asked about him and he has a good word for him , says the City youths are way ahead of Man Utd and this boy sounds a good prospect. Hope he turns out a good un.
  2. Imaging having the Royal Mile in Glasgow,the Earls wouldn't walk down it.
  3. I was in the BF 1 Section with these guys, and I would just like to say what a delight it was to be next to them. They never stopped backing Rangers and sang all night .Keep it up lads.Brilliant, a breath of fresh Air. Deserved a better result. Well done to them from an old Derry Boy. Deserve a thread on their own . Should have been TBO and BO
  4. Check this out........ Follow Follow........ Club World Rankings.pdf
  5. Why not ? So if our N.Ireland Players leave the club then the Red Hand has to go is that it? That will be the last straw for me. Rule Britania.....
  6. Socialists they are every where . The SNP are a bunch of natoinilist dreamers who think they are going to change the World with their debates on Sectarianism and taking advice from murdering scumbags who shouldnt even be allowed in to this Country because of their Past actions, and yet you stand to get 5 years in Jail for singing a song and hounded because of the flag you fly in your own country . They are trying very hard and succeeding in taking over certain institutions within Local Councel and Governmental departments such as Holyrood the MOD and the Civil Service under the Banner of the U
  7. I myself do not fly the Red Hand of Ulster but there are people who are not getting this stupid rule . The Red Hand of Ulster could be flown for several reasons by a Scot it is not Sectarian in any way to fly the flag of N.Ireland which is part of the UK OF Great Britain of which we Scotland are part of. I cant understand why some people cant see this it is not Illegal or Sectarian to fly this Flag in the UK .It is a British Flag like the Saltire and the Royal Standard along with the flag of ST.George which IS Part of the UK . However for a Scot to fly a foriegn Flag such as the Eire Tricolor
  8. Superb .......This is great news . Follow Follow....
  9. Alcohol abuse affects the majority . Sectarianism affects the minority.Fact. Priorities.... Example the guy who attacked Lennon probably had been drinking or maybe had a wee bit of something . Do you think he would have done it if he wasnt fuelled up with something .Or quite probably he may have thought twice about it. Sectarianism is not as big a problem as say Alcohol or drug abuse or even Burglary or theft or even Knife Crime .Most of these crime are not committed in a sectarian manner. Its all about Priorities. Why not try the Price rise thing and ban the local Garage from selling t
  10. I love the Welsh see those two houses over there ?Mines is the one in the middle.......... LoL .........
  11. The Red hand of Ulster is the symbol of N.Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom Of Great Britain and N.Ireland and is not a foriegn Flag . However the Eire Tricolor is Foriegn why would the banning or restriction be good . I have a problem with this as it is yet another errosion of the traditions and freedoms of people with connections from that part of UK. we know they will not be told to stop waving their Starry Plough Flag and wont be told in any way to stop Flying the Eire Tricolor . Flags are symbolic and represent the Ethos of that Country and tell you a little bit of History as w
  12. Skilled Politician is there such a thing Bunch of loser numptys living in cloud coco land . They need tae get real and stoplying to people and wise up and get the priorities right . Never mind the Neds who I had to listen to last night at Midnight who terrorised the whole Main Street Town and Cause total chaos in Communitys all over Scotland . Lets have a debate on Football and the trouble it causes and the Banter on Media Web sites which hurt the feelings of the Minority Irish Population who are so hard done for its a shame for them lets help them and they will no be hurt any more . What ab
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