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  1. Looks to me on that big Mhosni was attacked by that guy on the pitch. Obviusely that was the problem with that guy. Seen it and he was the starter in this. Quite sad our man defending himself gets this crap.
  2. I am tucking sick of these Rangers players in our Club. Pathetic and embarrassing.
  3. Please stop going to away games and just full up Ibrx all the time. Screw every football club in Scotland and shut them all out of Ibrox. I'm serious.
  4. Disgraceful they are treating people like Dirt now. shambles.
  5. Yeh whatever you say. I changed for another two years to hang about here when they got United Kingdom last year . But I'm off soon and my wife will be with me so dont think im talking shit. I will leave when I'm Ready . I will leave soon . trust me .
  6. Get yourself out to Letchworth or Hitchin mate ,not far were you are . Nice out that way . I see Luton Airport are looking for Airport Security Guards out there . It looks ok mate ,do you know anything of it? Security must be big there in Luton mate.
  7. I'm out of here ,never tolerate the Crap they put up . Lethcworth, Hitchin ,Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire, I have opportunities to move soon, and these places are Lovely to live in these, places more than this Shit hole Scotland . I live in Edinburgh, and is better than Glasgow but still full of Head chases, and nutters in the Central City point. I've worked there and they are Lunatics in Drink.
  8. yep you too.can't wait to leave this pathetic shithole. Full of shit heads too.
  9. ha ha ha when I go to England to live in the next 2 year's I hope Scotland Perrish and are a joke of a Country. Goodbye for ever.
  10. With McCulloch on and 4-4-2 we will be out soon. Trust me no attack and we get gubbed as we have a bunch of old gits.
  11. 4-4-2 McCulloch in CB and we are gunned. 3-5-2 and we are good and win with pace and Strenght.
  12. I'm an ex British Soldier and Airman from the Army for 4 Years , and the RAF From 12 Years. Does anyone want to Eliminate me in Scotland ? Rule Britannia. God Save The Queen.
  13. This must be 3-5-2. If it isn't We are beat again by them.
  14. We will be out if not QOTS I will be surprised getting to Hivs.
  15. Correct. We were a mess those nights down there.
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