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  1. If we had to lose Wallace, I'd at least do everything to bring in May. Would soften the blow a lot for me.
  2. The reason we couldn't sign Cousin was because he'd played for two clubs that season already, a FIFA/UEFA rule rather than the SPL bunglers. Hearts can still fuck off though.
  3. I'm glad he got off, but the line about him not being the problem reeks.
  4. Good move if true and long overdue as well. Scouting has been a joke for far too long.
  5. Difference of opinion then. Seen them given as both indirects and penalties tbf.
  6. Passback is a foul if we're being pedantic. But whatever. Today must have hurt Liverpool fans more than I'd thought.
  7. If it was the same as this, then it shouldn't have been a penalty either. Tried to erase that game from my mind along with Miller and Foster's misses against Valencia. Show me where I said it shouldn't have been given. It's an indirect FK.
  8. The amount of people who want a penalty for Eto'o's swipe on Suarez is unreal. This game of football - we do know the rules, yes? It was off the ball and at best an indirect FK.
  9. To be fair to the Ayr fans, singing "you fat bastard, you're under the thumb" had me in stitches the first time round.
  10. Weekend off and I get to watch the gers and it gets moved to when I'm working. Again. :/
  11. You spin it your way, I'll spin it mine.
  12. fair enough. We all get shit wrong anyway, I was a big supporter of CG for a long time.
  13. Genuinely curious as to whether or not some folk have changed their mind. You sound awfy defensive, were you one of the ones saying he would be shite?
  14. Some haven't. I've seen quite a few describe the 6-1 humping of Forfar as 'poor'. Go figure.
  15. Would rather have had Ayr, JEfferies will once again have them kicking the shit out of us.
  16. Seriously but, I wonder how many opinions have changed, or how many folk have swallowed a large piece of humble pie.
  17. There's a lot of egg on faces in here.
  18. Hate to be a pessimist, but this is the same SFA that repeatedly fined us and took us up until 9:30 Friday night the night before a game, to give us our licence yes? Two chances - slim and fuck all of them ever helping us.
  19. They'll almost certainly knock us out. Once the Ramsdens' is over, so is our season essentially, if that happens. I'll take Albion and their likes every round if we win it.
  20. Clearly a tim going by his twitter as well. https://twitter.com/McGrandlesConor
  21. We struggled to beat Brechin and folk are wanting the tims, sheep or the non-refund brigade? Wake the fuck up. Albion or Stenny at home please, and let two of those three face each other.
  22. Hopefully we don't get them and they get Dundee Utd. One of the two favourites out anyway. Albion at home would suit me right down to the ground.
  23. Hopefully this is a wake up call to how much we aren't ready for them. Albion at home please.
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