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  1. Is there any harm in trying a formation change for the next game if Roofe, Arfield and Jack are still out? Aribo isn't cutting it at all and isn't much use in midfield while playing like this and Zungu doesn't seem like the man to step in. 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 for the Ross County game? All our width comes from the full backs anyway. Itten and Morelos up front today for longer than they were on would have benefitted us more for the 55,000 crosses Tav and Barisic put in today, one of which resulted in our goal.
  2. Rank rotten again. Had an individually poor season after such a bright start.
  3. Very disappointing. Had more than enough chances through the game to win. Can't understand why we started so sluggish? That's a few times now we've took 20-30 minutes to get into the game, we have to expect teams to start fast when we're away from home. On to the next one. At least Ross County aren't going through the 'new manager bounce' 😑
  4. Kent had his good game last week, he's due being shite for 6 or 7 now.
  5. Was a well worked move but the ball in should have been dealt with. Why did Aribo have 2 men to mark?
  6. He's got a point if we get beat today. Still expect us to win though.
  7. Piss poor first half. Need to come out in the second half flying.
  8. He knows the sash, that'll do for me.
  9. Looks thicker and more creamier than tears has landed from a great height on his disgusting face, or at least it seemed like a great height when he was on his knees begging for it.
  10. Who wanted Duff here during the Pedro fiasco??
  11. Still got a massive soft spot for young Ross. Hope he's a success with the sheep, without them being succesful.
  12. Or a cold Wednesday night in Paisley?
  13. Apparently you can leave a bubble and then re-enter it if you provide a negative test, even though he was in Dubai with the infected player like the other players who were in close contact, provided negative tests but had to self isolate anyway
  14. 😂 That old nonce would love her
  15. On top of that Lennon's spent 35 million in 3 transfer windows with no CL money or players sold to make up for it. This season has seen their main assets, Eduard, Ajer, McGregor have their valuations cut in half and no one is giving them back their money for Julien, Bolingoli, Barkas, Ajeti etc and they have plenty of other shite still on the books after that with Griffiths, N'cham, Bain, Taylor etc. A new manager will want a clearout and money to spend and that won't happen unless Desmond puts his hand in his pocket and that kind of investment into a business he doesn't really care abou
  16. Eddie Howe could have the next managerial vacancy in the bottom 10 easily but he'll give that up to head too the tarriers to take orders from Liewell? File under pish.
  17. They'll drop 3 on Wednesday, could we still win it at the scum's place then? Uft, that would be fucking glorious. Securing 55 at the piggery in March to destroy the lurgan lard arse and a whole generation of tarriers. Sign me up.
  18. Start Hagi before Kent. You've got the option of switching up formations with Hagi starting.
  19. I do, not as much as I care about Rangers being top obviously, but I want they fe**** bastards struggling for 4th.
  20. A shame there are no fans now, would be a party atmosphere tomorrow.
  21. Kerrydale will be a good read 😋
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