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  1. I think you should seriously think about changing your name mate, Broon is not a respected word in my dictionary. It reminds me of a bawbag from Edinburgh, who, perhaps should've signed for a club in Govan (no disrespect to Kevin Thompson).
  2. Bless you my son, go to confession to repent your sins, but if the priest asks you to go down on your knees, close your eyes and open your mouth - then be aware my alter bhoy.
  3. Oh dear what can the matter be? Possibly this. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLkdNKDjuiF/
  4. If it wasn't for Greegs today we might have dropped another point, there's not much difference between 1 point and 0 points. It should be Gerrard who's shouting the odds at all the players showing a lack of spunk today. Just found out Joe Aribo was playing today, big Goldson had more headers than big Duncan Ferguson planted on John McStay all those years ago and Ryan Jack is a must.
  5. I went on to the kherrydale street forum and one dumb Fenian posted : "Another example of how we are reffed differently to every other team in the country." What the dumbo forgets is that Willie Collum is a RE teacher in a Katholic school.
  6. Let's all laugh at Lenny, let's all laugh at Lenny, his team's no worth a penny, nah nah nah nah. nah nah nah nah.
  7. As a previous ST holder for 26 years, I think I have the audacity to voice my opinion, which is - ask Walter why he left??????
  8. Scottish Cup Third Round Draw. NFL - no fenians left - in the cup, sounds fine by me.
  9. Fuck it, I'll have to drag the Mrs to Edinburgh and assault her on that bridge again,
  10. Do not blame the rookie referee, he never prevented our team from scoring tonight. End of.
  11. I tried mate, but Souness gave me the wrong number.
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