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  1. Well done St J and fuck the junkies from Leith.
  2. I recognise every player, but who's the wee guy on the left holding the kid?
  3. I thought I was the only one who wanted the tattie howkers from Ayrshire relegated, all due to her pal's baw-bag killie supporting man who hates Rangers and celic. The embarrassing point is that he's a Protestant - shame on him.
  4. Look, my opinion is that we should not have been done over by St Mirren or by not marking a tall keeper up for an injury time corner against St Johnston in the Scottish Cup game. I'm disappointed because the tarriers crushed all before them in the past 9 years and we failed against the above diddy teams in 2 particular matches. If the above posters are young then they might not get it from years ago. Ok, you might think I'm an old cunt, but Confucius was also old.
  5. Ok, we trumped the league, but we couldn't overcome St Midden in the League Cup and St Johnston in the Scottish CUP - disappointing to be fair.
  6. That is why Greegs is the player of the year - end of.
  7. Bless you my son, my son was an alter boy at that chapel and still rattles his beads round his neck to this day.
  8. Tav should be banned from taking penalties and think that might be 3 in a row.
  9. Tarriers on the Kerrydale street forum will be shooting their load after our downfall tonight and let us home in on the headlines tomorrow in the Daily Rebel.
  10. Bottom line is that the players didn't mark the insignificant goalie wafting up in front of Greegsy.
  11. I don't think the scouse tattie howkers will be tapping SG's shoulder to replace Klopp after being humped by St Midden and bundled out of the Scottish Cup by a bunch of farmers and falconry experts.
  12. Hopefully Bob from Oban can finish in the top 12 to qualify automatically for next years Masters. He's a baw hair off and fingers crossed.
  13. Show some respect to the husband of the picture in the home dressing room and will meet you in GR3.
  14. What the fuck chapel do you attend? That is a very crass and fenian orientated comment, but maybe you would be more upset if the pope died.
  15. I hope not, but he might not want to swim in the Glasgow goldfish bowl with Bears urging him to cheer up ya sad bla bla, like what happened last season while in the Killie hot seat. I don't think he wants the hassle of taking on the poison chalice over at the Piggery.
  16. She might at least have brushed her teeth and can smell her breath of hatred on the laptop.
  17. Now that all the dust has settled and when you come to think about it, that racist bastard did a good job on our team. The players fell for it hook line and sinker - he riled Glen and as big Conor mentioned he wanted to hit someone. From that moment on we lost concentration and the plot. If I went mad over the years for being offended every time by being called a dob or h-n then I'd still be in jail.
  18. No no no, that was a picture of John McStay after big Duncan Ferguson stuck the nut on him and got jailed for it. Apologies to youngsters who were too young or still in their father's baws to remember this years ago.
  19. I remember a mate and I met his wife's friend an family at 7am and we brought in 2 large bacon and egg baps from the deli on the corner to line our bellies before a bevvy. We got a taxi up from the Stewart Hotel opposite Penn Station on 7th Ave.
  20. Ffs, he's done brilliant, remember his save on Thursday night ffs.
  21. I can make BNB and me come together.
  22. For Fucks Sake, how many times has Greegs pulled off fantastic world class saves this season to save us from draws and defeats and a lot of voters don't recognise this fact. Player Of The Season - end of.
  23. Is the American Bar still on the go on 1St Ave and 77St I think, as we watched the Old Firm game there back in Sept 2017? Big Apple Bears?
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