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  1. Well done St J and fuck the junkies from Leith.
  2. I recognise every player, but who's the wee guy on the left holding the kid?
  3. I thought I was the only one who wanted the tattie howkers from Ayrshire relegated, all due to her pal's baw-bag killie supporting man who hates Rangers and celic. The embarrassing point is that he's a Protestant - shame on him.
  4. Look, my opinion is that we should not have been done over by St Mirren or by not marking a tall keeper up for an injury time corner against St Johnston in the Scottish Cup game. I'm disappointed because the tarriers crushed all before them in the past 9 years and we failed against the above diddy teams in 2 particular matches. If the above posters are young then they might not get it from years ago. Ok, you might think I'm an old cunt, but Confucius was also old.
  5. Ok, we trumped the league, but we couldn't overcome St Midden in the League Cup and St Johnston in the Scottish CUP - disappointing to be fair.
  6. I hope not, but he might not want to swim in the Glasgow goldfish bowl with Bears urging him to cheer up ya sad bla bla, like what happened last season while in the Killie hot seat. I don't think he wants the hassle of taking on the poison chalice over at the Piggery.
  7. She might at least have brushed her teeth and can smell her breath of hatred on the laptop.
  8. Ffs, he's done brilliant, remember his save on Thursday night ffs.
  9. For Fucks Sake, how many times has Greegs pulled off fantastic world class saves this season to save us from draws and defeats and a lot of voters don't recognise this fact. Player Of The Season - end of.
  10. Hendry V111 stoned them.

  11. Hendry V111 stoned them.

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