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  1. You seem desperate for my attention I'm flattered pal but please stop quoting me x
  2. You've quoted me 4 times in about half an hour, gonnae stop please? Ta
  3. If John's been banne it's an absolute farce dont care what he did but certain members seem to be able to get away with stuff and others not If your pals with admin you've got a place on here for life, if not watch your back
  4. He might have got it if it wasn't for his reputation. Karma and all that...
  5. Jamie Milligan 7 hours ago via mobile How do u cure a hangover so ill today fuk my life need a dominose or sum shit to cheer me up lmao
  6. Moyes blaming the ref again Never really liked him but at the same time he's never bothered me. Since going to those scumbags he's changed to fit right in with them. Cunt.
  7. Moyes clearly doesnt have the same hold over Webb that SAF did
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