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  1. Yasss Super Ally WATP no surrender nothing to worry about everything will turn out fine
  2. Is that 3 games in a row Gauld hasn't played in? Someone must have a deal to but him if that's the case
  3. Plenty on here have a ridiculous overestimation of our squad.
  4. Super Ally super Ally ole ole Biggest Rangers fan going me...
  5. Evidence of him as a manager? Pretty sure we've entered 9 cups under him and reached 2 QFs, both the Ramsdens Cup. All the evidence I need. Everything else we've been knocked out before. He is fucking clueless.
  6. When we're back in the top league under this clown I hope you read this thread and realise how silly you were.
  7. One of the most dedicated players EVER
  8. A heroic act of courage from Pongolle to take the bullets.
  9. Dont think so bud pretty sure he's from Nice.
  10. Remy's another who could get picked ahead of him.
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