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  1. Yasss Super Ally WATP no surrender nothing to worry about everything will turn out fine
  2. Is that 3 games in a row Gauld hasn't played in? Someone must have a deal to but him if that's the case
  3. Plenty on here have a ridiculous overestimation of our squad.
  4. Super Ally super Ally ole ole Biggest Rangers fan going me...
  5. Evidence of him as a manager? Pretty sure we've entered 9 cups under him and reached 2 QFs, both the Ramsdens Cup. All the evidence I need. Everything else we've been knocked out before. He is fucking clueless.
  6. When we're back in the top league under this clown I hope you read this thread and realise how silly you were.
  7. One of the most dedicated players EVER
  8. A heroic act of courage from Pongolle to take the bullets.
  9. Dont think so bud pretty sure he's from Nice.
  10. Remy's another who could get picked ahead of him.
  11. Seriously out of form, do you guys think he'll still make the French World Cup squad?
  12. I'd agree with that, he's not been great his whole time here but he's been here what 7 years? He's done more than enough to escape that kind of abuse.
  13. An expensive disaster who's won 3 SPL titles with us, won numerous cups and played in a European final. He contributed to all of those. That's just on field matters, off it he's been a hero and thankfully 99% of Rangers fans treat him as the hero he is.
  14. He might have got it if it wasn't for his reputation. Karma and all that...
  15. Funny thing is this is genuinely why he thinks that
  16. How's he a failure in every position he's played in?
  17. Moyes blaming the ref again Never really liked him but at the same time he's never bothered me. Since going to those scumbags he's changed to fit right in with them. Cunt.
  18. Moyes clearly doesnt have the same hold over Webb that SAF did
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