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  1. Shitting myself about this tbh, if an offer of £5m comes in, im not certain we'd decline it.
  2. I got chaced by the young team.
  3. *Bids £370* Gay as fuck that.
  4. Aye, but doubt we would get him.
  5. Hamburg will have alot more money to offer i'd imagine.
  6. 1. How easy is the game to pick up and play now? Hmm, quite hard to get into a game at times, easy others. It all depends on team selection. 2. Is the training still automatic or do you need to do all that? Its upto you, my game is going good and i've not touched the training. You can also download premade training schedules. 3. Has it become harder to get top players to Rangers etc? My old games used to consist of the real Ronaldo, Zidane etc! x100000 No chance of doing that now, for a good while anyway. 4. Is Europe still a bit of a bastard? For a good player, no. Depends on team selection.
  7. Jela will be 81 at best, Shagger will be around 80. Ness, Wylde and Hutton will be 65ish.
  8. 70 pages Don't even want to read through most of the pish in here, people in premod should be allowed to view this thread only, that'll fuckin teach 'em.
  9. Jelavic.

    Sig Request

    Thanks alot for that mate, +rep.
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