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  1. Cheers Jules - awesome to wake up to!
  2. Sounded absolutely outstanding on tv - 90 mins non stop.
  3. Pulled up with an issue on Thursday if I remember
  4. Won't let me buy - tried numerous times. Anyone heard of any streams?
  5. The games I worry about as no doubt they will pack defense and midfield and we will struggle to break them down as we lack quality. Hopefully we manage to get an early goal and they open up a bit.
  6. I said this to my dad the first time i seen Pena - the guy is the Mexican David Platt. Do you remember him? He has been awful on the ball but his runs into the box are superb. All he is interested in, is getting in the box and to score goals.
  7. That is good shooting - you are obviously a decent player. If you were in my sweep, you would get run out of town playing off that handicap!
  8. You hit a gross 68 and play off 15??
  9. One of those holes must be the 200yrd par 3 at the far end of the course - easy to putt off that green in the summer.
  10. I have not had a season ticket for a few years, however i will be buying one this year. Cannot wait to get back to Ibrox.
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