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  1. I think we will struggle tbh. You only need to be off your game slightly to get found out. Like you I would jump at a score draw.
  2. I'm still trying to take it in. It was just nuts. Brilliant but nuts.
  3. Great parade and great route going through the centre twice. Some top notch bands on show. 👍
  4. For those interested. One of the best parades of the year in Motherwell this Saturday. The link below gives all the details. http://www.bandparades.co.uk/event/scottish-amalgamated-committee-abod-6/?fbclid=IwAR2FUzLK2Y1zHMYs9Zwa3u-Dn6ysaEdx_kw9f0ondmaj
  5. I'm highlighting the part that needs improving - nothing wrong with that. I'm sure he knows he can be better on the ball and I'm sure he is working hard at it as well. I think he struggles in tight situations and when he receives the ball facing his own goal. These are the toughest tests in that area of the park so it will take time. I think he has the potential to be an absolute top player for us for many years and I hope he is. As you say he is a young guy so it's there for him.
  6. I agree with you - there were worse players on the ball than him. I'm not singling him out. The thread is about Ross, so my opinion is about him, not about anyone else. He is excellent at breaking the play up. He also has potential on the ball and I have no doubt he will get better.
  7. Like i said to 'Siwel'. Are you just pointing out that he is capable, or are you saying he doesnt need to improve when he has the ball?
  8. Are you just pointing out that he is capable, or are you saying he doesnt need to improve when he has the ball?
  9. Defensively yes. In possession - lots to improve.
  10. How do you set to USA. Mine keeps reverting to UK when I go into Rangers.co.uk?
  11. Any more videos kicking about of the atmosphere from last night - struggling to find any on YouTube etc? ?
  12. What does "he has to earn our trust" actually mean?
  13. Good to see but game comes too soon for him.
  14. Alves is even slower than normal at the moment, as he comes back from injury. He cannot adjust to any balls played behind him, nor someone running at him. We will struggle defensively against celtic anyway, but playing Alves at the moment is just asking for problems.
  15. No. He has had a hard time of it - some of it self inflicted and some not. Once he sorts out his temperament and gets a bit wiser, he will be a big asset.
  16. Our fans sounded fantastic today. To be fair our away support is unbelievably good. Any more links going about?
  17. What an amazing young lad and amazing parents. They also have another son and it was good to see him being fully involved as well. I thought when the class was chanting Finlays name just showed what they all thought of him.
  18. Someone has definitely made an error somewhere. It may not be our medical team though - could have been advised that no surgery was required from an external surgeon/specialist.
  19. He was absolutely spent when he went off. What an experience for him and hopefully he kicks on.
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