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  1. Football wise, then maybe. I trust the manager, therefore if he wants him then fair enough. However, as a person absolutely not. I have the same feeling about this guy as I had with Black, which is this guy should not wear our jersey. These guys just attract problems, either via the press or on the pitch. Also, not sure what impact he will have on our dressing room - although I just cant see it being positive.
  2. Absolutely brilliant Jules - thanks!
  3. Today yes - lets see how we feel in a few years time. I do know that today feels fucking amazing though!
  4. So moving multiple players around to still end up with an inferior player out wide is worth doing? Not for me mate.
  5. It's football, shit happens and players get injured. Some of you changing 3 or 4 positions because 1 player is out is madness. Play the usual way, pick a replacement and get on with it. My choice would be Law.
  6. Getting excited for this now. Over Saturday and looking forward to a 4-0 win and Ibrox bouncing. Cmon Rangers.
  7. Absolutely ridiculous booking. I think he ran behind the goals after scoring and that is all I can think of. Getting booked for that is just pathetic.
  8. Which is more sensible anyway tbh.
  9. Brilliant hearing it getting belted out - loved the new words as well!
  10. Stop being so naive at the back. We cannot leave 2 average paced centre backs isolated against forwards that have speed. Other than that please just win!
  11. Is he obligated to give a press conference before every game? Can he outsource to Davie Weir or one of our players every so often?
  12. I wonder if he will start to make himself less available to the press. Pretty much one if not two press conferences every week since the start of the season.
  13. Outstanding again - captured the special day perfectly. Thanks.
  14. Had a day out planned for that game as well. Just do not understand why the Famous Glasgow Rangers cannot cope with losing a couple of kids when we are at home to Dumbarton. I disagreed with McCoist doing it and the same applies with Warburton. He always states that no matter who he picks the team does not weaken - if that is the case why the need to postpone? My only grumble with our manager thus far.
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