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  1. "fucking disgrace of a footballer" That is a pathetic comment Nicika. Lets analyse the rest of your rubbish.......... 1) If you say he is a has been, are you admitting that he was once something? If so, you are contradicting yourself by saying he is a disgrace. 2) Only scores against shit opposition. I am sure Motherwell were third when we played them, that means by your argument he is good enough to score against 90% of the SPL - that would do me nicely! 3) Naismith and Kerkar - sure, I am not against giving Naismith a chance and Kerkar a start to see how he does. However, do you hon
  2. Mcl actually put it across in a completely inadequate and pathetic way mate. You on the other hand, although i disagree with you, put across a constructive point. Big difference. We would all like a higher level of forward but we do not have one, or one that is available if you include Naisy. The only point I was making is I think he is improving and will score 20+ goals this season. I could be completely wrong, hope not tho, but I just have a feeling he will be very important to us. As for the youngsters, I am not totally up to speed with what we have available, but having let Fleck etc go
  3. Before we get any real negative comments, someone print this off and give it to Healy......... help his confidence!!!
  4. Fair enough Ricky, but at least we are both talking about football....... I would have agreed with you about Jelavic until he lost his head and started thinking about sunny England. The guy could have been a legend with Rangers.
  5. If I read any more negative stuff on here I think I will slit my wrists............ Healy to score 20 by seasons end!! I say this because a) I have had enough about reading about us in dire straights and b) I actually believe it!! I have watched him closely and he has improved each game he has played. Now don't get me wrong, he started very poorly but improvement is improvement. He is sharper, his movement is good and he has proven he can put the ball in the net. He needs to improve his touch and passing but I believe that will come as he continues to play. What I also like about him is his
  6. Ellis has no money guys, he is simply a front man and his position as non exec director is a payback for brokering/intro for owner. There will be no investment from Ellis whatsoever.
  7. He scored a goal and was unlucky with another attempt. Is he great - no! Should we have better - Yes! However, the stick he gets on here is way too much.
  8. enjoyed that, great goals and some great play! Only worry was some dodgy defending and they could and probably should have scored a couple! Good to have some pace in our team now, some good signs. Well done lads.
  9. I don't know what we do at training so these are general comments.......... I would expect the main training to be team based, all together, warm up, fitness, games or whatever the coaches decided for the day. It would be unusual for any particular player to focus on his weaknesses during this period. This raises the question of when players actually do work on their respective weaknesses. Now let's face it, every player in every team in the land has weaknesses......... should each player be told to stay behind and work on their weaknesses as a matter of course? I do not know for sure if Ran
  10. Very moving. All the very best to you mate.
  11. Is this a link to the game? Any chance you could send it to me?
  12. cheers. I know far east plaza so I will give the Sportsman a try and see what happens.
  13. I am in Singapore too mate. Trying to find a bar to watch the games....... time of day permitting obviously. Have been told Harry's and another (can't remember name) but they are both no good. Do you know of any bars? Do you ever watch the games out and about?
  14. 'In the dark like mushrooms'........... who talks like that? You are trying too hard, that's what gave you away!
  15. Have been watching albertz goal for the last 5 mins ............. keeps getting better
  16. Great thread, read it from start to finish. Great to read positive stuff!
  17. cheers StoneyGer, will check it out. Are you in Singapore?
  18. Marco, it was a sods law 'guarantee'. Obviously there are no guarantees in football but I would hate to see the guy move on and be a success without a proper run with us. I can understand it may have read as you pointed out...... the downside of email/text. Overall, the guy has been worth a good discussion on this site and although he may never be a Messi, I would rather we molded young players as opposed to buying guys that are or maybe no better. I would like to see him given a real go in the team although I wouldn't hold my breath.
  19. Hi all, Looking for a place to watch the games in Singapore? Have done some research and the Sportsman Bar pops up but the links do not work and I cannot find out any info. Any info/ideas welcome. cheers.
  20. Generally a negative tone towards the guy which I think is a bit unfair. How can he be judged when his chances were often one offs, often in big games against top opposition? You will never know until he gets a run of games, in the league, where he can learn about the game both mentally and physically. I think the guy has a chance to be a good player for us, however I doubt he will get the chance as described. Guarantee if not he will move on and do well.
  21. Novo video superb, didn't realise how many important goals he scored for us. Most people focused on his 'often' dodgy touch but great goals, great attitude and loves the Rangers.
  22. Not sure about the looser fit, it looks a bit tight to me!!
  23. Nervous yes, but how good is it to really look forward to the game? Get the noise cranked up again tonight and help the players get the result that will give Walter a brilliant send off from Ibrox. C'mon he gers
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